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RELUCTANCE KILLS, Dearest Dreams... (eBook)

Desire 2 Will
Type: e-book
Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
Price: ₹399


Deepest Dreams, reinforce a belief within us, that we are humans, except humans, no one in the entire animate/inanimate kingdom can experience Deep Desires. I also understand it in another way, that WHEN the creator of this entire cosmos, also known as the cosmic intelligence, wants our individuality to stretch beyond our present stature/scope of an ordinary human; then he bestows us with some Deepest Dreams/Deep Desires.

Deepest Dreams appear to us as our Deepest Desires, they become our driving force and then they seek their realization through our available potentials. Interestingly, these deepest desires hold a mighty power... a power that can extend our existing abilities to the extents of improbability (simply beyond our imagination). If you look around yourselves toward those, that have accomplished objectives beyond imagination; Then you shall realize that their improbable inner power was an outcome of their endeavors/struggle towards their Deepest Desires.

Our Deepest Desires can extricate one's latent potential, from the unknown depths of our existence. A Deepest Desire can transform you into an enormity, which is not possible to achieve through any other ordinary means/exercise. In simple words, the enormous potential that lies in a dormant state within all humans... is released through the process of realization of a Deepest Desire. Belittled inner endurance of all kinds, prevalent in ordinary people, can scale to unimaginable heights... while relentlessly endeavoring upon Deepest Desires.

The main subject to understand; How does it all Happen? & Can I also accomplish the same ?

The answer to both the above questions are there in this book. In any way few lines here should be able to convey some knowledge about the main subject of this book.

How can one Relentlessly endeavor upon one's Deepest Desires/Deepest Dreams & realize the enormity lying dormant at the depths of one's existence.
Understand it this way; Like a caterpillar first dies and then undergoes a transmutation into a butterfly... We along with Our Deepest Desires have to undergo a transmutation from the status of ordinary allurance or craving, i.e. of a Desire into a True Will... it is only then, that our dormant enormity is released to render us humongous inner growth along with the realization of our objective, i.e. our Deepest Desires/Deepest Dreams becoming a reality.

True Will is the source to that unseen mighty force that reconstitutes an ordinary individual into an entity that can draw and manifest the impossibilities into the realms of possibility.
If you deeply desire to extend your present stature to the limits beyond your present understanding the give yourself some noble Deepest Dream/Deepest Desire and give this book transpire a Magic in your inner domain.

About the Author

Teaching Ancient Indian Wisdom &
self development since last 20 years. He has conducted more than 700 lectures upon
different aspects of Ancient Indian Wisdom.
250 lectures are available in the form of videos, many uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘gospel4learning’. Authored 15 books; amongst the most prominent are the detailed interpretation upon first three chapters of Shrimed Bhagwad Gita published in form of three independent books. He has given himself an assignment to interpret and publish all the eighteen chapters of Shrimed Bhagwad Gita within next 5 years, apart from other publications that fall
under his envisioned list.

A visiting faculty to several multinational companies. He has touched more than 5000 senior management persons through his ‘Learning Retreats’; generally held at Rishikesh (at the banks of Ganges) The main subjects covered under his lectures & learning retreats are; Relentless Silent Will, Morphing the norm of New age
Leadership, Esoteric Dimensions of Communication, Beyond Emotional Intelligence, Karmic learning for Leadership, Extension beyond the reach of Stress, Pure Ego an adhesive for interpersonal bonding...

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Publisher: dinesh kumar
Number of Pages: 380
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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RELUCTANCE KILLS, Dearest Dreams...

RELUCTANCE KILLS, Dearest Dreams...

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