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Bharani Nakshatra (eBook)

The Second Nakshatra
Type: e-book
Genre: Astrology
Language: English
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Bharani is the second Nakshatra in the series of Nakshatra and indicates the growth of life on earth. All the symbols associated with this symbol indicate transformation, movement from one life to another. For Ashwini the signification is womb, but here in Bharani, it is vagina from where the baby enters the world and starts taking his lungs to breath and survive. These people transform the world, and bring new concepts, and new ideology. That may be Adolf Hitler or Mahatma Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal or Ekta Kapoor or John Abraham or Priyanka Chopra.
To bring transformation, Bharani native struggle a lot against lot of obstacles and delays. If he follows the righteous path, he will succeed but if he gets diverted due to the illusion created by the six senses, he will end up as an ordinary man.
If the Ascendant or Moon is in Bharani then it relates to their physical or emotional level. If any other planet falls in Bharani then the signification of that planet will have similar effects. If Venus falls in Bharani then the same analogy can be applied to enjoyment, luxuries, married or sex life. If Jupiter falls, then it may relate to education, finances or children and husband in the case of female natives. Hers we will discuss the ascendent or Moon only.
There has to be a certain abnormality before his birth or during his early childhood, that may be related to the health of his mother.
Father is not at home at the time of birth of the native. Native is more loyal to his father than his mother and it may happen those native stays away from both of them.
Native generally gets the inheritance from his father and mother side both. He is attached to grandparents.
Native is smart, handsome, active, aggressive, has no ego issues. Ego issues come only when there is a matter of Principles.
He is sensual and lot of interests in sex but still holds the restraints due to his principles.
Native get a break in education or after their education before joining the job. He has breaks in his career or keeps changing his career because he is never satisfied with what he has obtained.
Bharani natives have beautiful, magnificent and attractive eyes.
Native is helpful to anyone who asks for help. He can go extra mile to help others. He is kind and does a lot of charity. He is not vindictive but will not spare anyone who is doing something wrong.

About the Authors

Dr Gautam DK, electrical engineer, MBA, MSc and Doctorate Degree in management, is from a family of Hindu Brahmins who have been engaged in astrology for centuries. Dr Gautam attended various courses as Jyotish Ratnakar, Jyotish Parveen, Jyotish Bhaskar, Jyotish Vibhushan, Jyotish Rishi, Nadi astrology, Palmistry, Vastu and Reiki Master. Now he is teaching Vedic astrology through his YouTube channel “Gautam DK Astrology” and website and is involved in research on the subject.

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Number of Pages: 168
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Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

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