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Blackmail : Love Hate Story (eBook)

A Love Story for Thinkers
Type: e-book
Genre: Sex & Relationships, Sapiential Novel
Language: English
Price: ₹99
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Rajni understood the art of Romance. She used to press and pull Ajay's nipples lightly with her delicate fingers...

A foolish wife chatters during sexual intercourse. She demands something to her husband. Or keeps her body stiff like a corpse...

The husband is not allowed to take off all the clothes...

He was worried about, putting his weight on her while riding on her. Then he found an idea.
When the wife is in the position of twelve and a half of the clock, he himself used to sleep in the position of nine past quarter. Then asks wife to bend both knees. Then he used to comfortably enter the pe** into the va** from left.
He used to wife's inner wears. Some were perfumed nicks, fluorescent knickers, lighting bras, choosing the right size of bra, etc.

The inner-wear sets for outdoor, period, regular use.

Rajni was not only a beautiful woman...

..God Indra would be jealous of me, because the nymph of his court makes tea for me everyday.....
It doesn't need a love between husband and wife.
This is happening from ancient time. A woman allows her husband to have sex, return, of property, money, and comfort.

Even in Stone Age, a cave woman used to handle the cave, against part of the hunt and food. ...
"Look, nothing has changed even today. Read 'Matrimony'. Girls are looking for a man who has his own house, a good salary, a four-wheeler, a good bank balance.
No girl is looking for a beautiful boy earning nothing. And see what men want, beautiful, perfect figure girl, attractive skin complexion, no one wants a highly intellectual girl..

The sun was now shattered into ashes; few blood-red rays’ strokes were lingering behind, which were in hurry to return their home, to shut down themselves in darkness. The sea birds were returning to their nests with chirping panic.

The light was flicking in every single room. Somewhere, there was a fight between husband and wife. Somewhere two women were quarrelling. A drunkard was screaming and crying in his sorrow. In the dark, some young boys and girls were whispering in the corner. Whispering laughter was following in between...

A radical change took place in the personal lives of women, by contraceptive pills.
The woman was unable to enjoy love and sex with the fear of pregnancy. However, now she started to enjoy love and sex through orgasm.

Instead of 'giving' pleasure to man, she started “to ask” for pleasure from a man. A great change!..
The women who wish to enjoy free sex, who willingly want to go with many men, women who do not want to work hard to live, or who hate her own body, who find her body as a shop and by their own will wants to go under prostitution..

".. condoms have dots with lubricant. So while intercourse a woman does not feel pains, because of lubricant on it. It may not create a natural lubricant in the vagina. Due to dryness, a woman feels pains while intercourse. Many times, it creates wounds inside. Due to detention, a wife gets good sleep because the sticky semen is thrown out. So the next day she is fresh again '.

Nature has given the responsibility of carrying the human race, to males than females. Because of which he will always think about sex. Nothing is wrong in it.

Do you know when a woman is lustful? Not at the age of sixteen .. After the age of forty ...

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About the Author

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7) Astral travelling
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About the author

Dr. Joshi has roots to The Himalayas. Uttarkashi ; (known as
"Devabhumi (Land of God)" as Haridwar, Rushikesh is also nearby) his exposure to Himalayan Monks and wise men made him a philosopher, a psychologist with strong spiritual base.
At very early stage of life, his parents went to the Himalayas.
He is Ph. D. in Behavioral Psychology and student of many life sciences.
He has command on following life saving sciences. His knowledge is an University within himself. He has wide knowledge and study about Hindu mythology, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Zaratrushtism, Bohemian philosophies.
He has studied Mayan, Egyptian, African, Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian culture to understand human being in a better way.
He is psychological motivator. He is one of the best corporate motivational trainer.
He is fluent on psychological subjects, which has influenced thousands of lives, such as Emotions management, Memory
Management, Mind concentration, Marriage counseling, Understanding life partner, Family management, Family problems, Life after retirement, Life planning –redesigning life, Magnetic personality, Youth guidance
He has given thousands of lectures on above subjects. He is author to many regional books.
He conducts Spoken English classes also. He has written Book in Gujarati and Hindi on Spoken English.
He is world's best Meditation Guru, teaches Sudarshan Kriya, Osho Philosophy and meditation, Vipassana Yoga. His Yoga is not limited with 'Asan', his Yoga in Trance is simply fantastic.
He is scholar of Ved and Hindu mythology.
He has technical knowledge of How to make project reports and make them practically successful. He gives practical Business consultancy, gives Business Ideas, consultation on Marketing Ideas.
He is an author, a poet and keeps deep knowledge about Urdu shayari. He has vast readings in Classical Hindi, English Literature From Shakespeare to Premchand.
He is a photographer with divine touch. He is the best cook, a fashion designer. His women fashion works are extra ordinary.
He is one of the best spiritual Hypnotists. He has God gifted Hypnotic voice. Reiki; he is above all Grand Masters with very powerful vibrations.
Hindu and Jain Monks Tapasvis, Christian Priests, Islamic Maulavies comes to get treatment from him, and discuss alternative therapies and cosmic healings.
Many Practicing Doctors, Class one Government officers comes to him for stress management.
He teaches powerful techniques of Pranic Healing , Chakra healing, Tibetian lama Therapies & Kundalini Activation. For perfect body, mind and soul.He teaches Past Life Therapy .
He teaches music under Music Therapy, as he is master of Keyboard and Guitar, to cure patient and ask them to enjoy life. He teaches Keyboard to anyone within minute’s time. He is singer keeps knowledge about classical music.
Acupressure; as cosmic energy flows through his fingers, his treatment gives divine peace and relaxes any patient.
His study on ‘Anthropology’ ‘Ergonomics science’ and modern sciences surprises even to orthopedic doctors, while explaining evolution of modern lifestyle and its side effects, like pains.
He gives ‘Craniosacral treatment (CST).
Here is list of some therapies taught by him.
Sujok, Reflexology, Keralian Massage, swayam shirodhara, Mimi-kaki (Tofugu) He is a Telepathy master. He teaches Apsara Hathat Yog, Money meditation (Kuber Tratak), Om tratak, Angels Therapy.
He teaches Gemology- ratnonka shastra, Shivswaroday and Dousing. He is very expert Astrological Face Reader, and Horoscope reader.
He is expert of vastushastra, an master of Indian ancient mysterious sciences listed below. Shree Meru yantra, Mudrashastra, Chhayapurush, Vashikaran, Das Mahavidya, Hoodoo-voodoo, Jinnat mantra, Karn Pishachini.
Being a Thinker with social responsibility his ‘Career guidance for a House wife’ is simply outstanding.
Now let’s know about his technical knowledge.. He is Google certified Analytics Expert. He is expert of web designing. He works with HTML, Java, PHP.
He is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, SEM(search Engine Marketing) expert, Social Media Management expert. He is Digital Marketing Expert.
He has very popular Blogs, You tube channels.
He is trained mechanic of Radio and electronic home appliances like hot iron, microwave,
And Washing machine etc. He has excellent skills as industrial cable wiring as wireman and house wiring, plumbing. He is trained Interior decorator designer. He designed RTA furniture for furniture companies.
He is a skilled leath machine operator, welder, driller, fitter. He has designed many mechanical fixtures and mechanical devices for fast and accurate work.
He is a portrait artist, his modern art and contemporary art is not only limited with paper and canvas but on garments and T shirt, also.
About his computer literacy; He is an Ethical hacker. Web designer. Photoshop and D’sMax expert to teach students. He is film editor, a VFX technician to handle pinnacle and SE software and created some excellent editing work.He is Animation expert with After Effect, Sound editing (sound fordge) Ds Max, Adobe illustrator, coral draw, adobe in design, Flash , Matrix, Maya, marvelous, D Auto cad, Ds Sweet home. Web designing and application making with Dream viewer, Turbo c++, PHP, Java, Android software.
He did Photoshop digital paintings, and different technique and skill of digital make up. Real make up on face with advance make up is very creative work. He is creative mehendi artist.A hair stylist, hair highlighterHe himself has created Temples in Gujarat from scratches.
He has highly polished manners; under his presidency a Charitable trust named Naya Savera is also, involved with various social activities to empower women and up lift backward classes of the society Yet, with all these qualities he is very simple modest and calm and quiet, very pure at heart.
His aura is so powerful that after meeting him anyone feels positive energy.

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Publisher: IJC
Number of Pages: 200
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Blackmail : Love Hate Story

Blackmail : Love Hate Story

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