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Darapok Hatyara (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Mystery & Crime
Language: Hindi
Price: ₹648
(Immediate Access on Full Payment)
Available Formats: PDF


Headline | Discover a Gripping Tale Inspired by Actual Crime Headlines in India - Darpok Hatyara Unveils the Dark Truth
Step into the world of Darpok Hatyara, a compelling crime thriller that draws inspiration from real-life crime headlines in India. Prepare to be captivated as you delve into the dark underbelly of society, where shocking secrets and unthinkable crimes lurk at every corner.
With a narrative that echoes the persuasive writing style of Claude Hopkins, Darpok Hatyara takes you on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue. Each page is meticulously crafted to keep you at the edge of your seat, as you unravel the mysteries behind missing girls, heinous crimes, and the sinister workings of the criminal mind.
From contract killers to drug rackets, Darpok Hatyara uncovers the hidden world of crime. Enter a realm where TikTok videos hide secret codes, waterfalls become the backdrop for tragic accidents, and a film director conceals a dark secret behind his criminal activities. The depths of deception and the unexpected twists will leave you breathless.
Bullet points
Gripping Narrative - Experience a gripping narrative that starts with a single missing person report and unravels into a web of unimaginable crimes - Keep turning the pages to uncover the truth. Realistic Portrayal - Dive into a realistic portrayal of the dark side of Indian society, as Darpok Hatyara sheds light on the shocking realities that often go unnoticed - A wake-up call to the hidden truths.
Complex Characters - Meet a cast of complex characters, each with their own secrets and motivations - As their stories intertwine, you'll be hooked by their fascinating and unpredictable journeys.
Suspenseful Twists - Brace yourself for suspenseful twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end - Prepare for surprises that will leave you breathless.
Dive into the gripping world of Darpok Hatyara, a crime thriller novel inspired by real-life crime headlines in India - Unravel shocking mysteries and uncover the truth
Explore the dark secrets behind missing girls and the haunting Nithari case - Brace yourself for a suspenseful journey into the depths of heinous crimes and unimaginable horrors.
Encounter a top-performing insurance agent with a chilling secret - Follow the trail of a contract killer and discover the dangerous web of deception and crime.
Enter the underbelly of a drug racket that uses TikTok videos as secret codes - Unmask the hidden connections and face the consequences of a tragic waterfall accident.
Meet a burglar who turns out to be a renowned film director and producer - Delve into the twisted world where identities are hidden, and crimes are committed in plain sight.
Unveil the shocking truth behind a seasoned prostitute who posed as a bank officer for two decades - Expose the layers of deceit and betrayal in a thrilling tale of survival and revenge.
Follow the trail of a daring Mangalsutra snatcher with a lavish lifestyle - Witness the consequences of her crimes as the law closes in on her empire built on stolen treasures.
Enter the dark world of a Mira-Bhayandar-based call center owner involved in fake calls to NRI victims - Discover the hidden motivations and the devastating impact of their deceitful schemes.
Uncover the truth behind a dancing bar owner who moonlights as an international drug supplier - Witness the dangerous nexus between the world of entertainment and the underworld.
Relive the drug-infested era of Mumbai colleges in the '80s - A nostalgic journey back to a time when drugs ruled the streets, based on true events.
Step into the scandalous world of Baba Ram Rahim Ashram and the shocking revelations within - Expose the dark underbelly of power, manipulation, and criminal activities.
Witness the chaos caused by Baba Rampal and Panchkula Hisar News - Unveil the private military, the attack on police, and the intricate web of conspiracy surrounding these events.
Peep behind the walls of Asaram Bapu Ashram in Surat - Discover the chilling secret code involving a torch-focus

About the Author

Know about author Acharya Dr. Joshi
Our Guru, Acharya Dr. Joshi is a God gifted person. A good guru like Acharya Dr. Joshi can change your life.
Please read carefully, then only you will be able to understand his incredibly amazing multi-talented, multi-tasking personality.
He has extraordinary power to heal any human being on this earth in a very powerful way. He has knowledge of the following life sciences.
He has knowledge about life sciences, and has taught thousands of people by simplifying these subjects.
Hypnosis Therapy:
He is one of the best spiritual hypnotic gurus, he can take anyone into deep trance. Nature has given him the gift of a powerful voice. He is the best clinical hypnotist. He is one of the best covert hypnotists, he teaches how to do hypnosis with eyes, voice and touch. The theories that his scientific mind has developed to understand hypnotism are astonishing. His knowledge is a university within itself.
He is a very powerful Reiki Grand Master. Many experienced Reiki masters, Hindu wizards, Jain saints, Christian priests, Islamic clerics come to seek His treatment. Many religious leaders meet him to discuss alternative medicine and the supernatural powers of healing. He is above all grand masters. His detailed study of Hindu mythology, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Bohemian philosophy is tremendous. Many practicing doctors, class one government officer come to him for the stress management.
He teach Grand Master level Reiki at a minimum fees where other gurus charge lakhs of rupees.
He has impressive techniques of Pranic healing, chakra healing, Tibetan lama therapy and kundalini shakti awakening. For a healthy body, mind and soul, He also teach past-life-regression so that you understand who you are! Or why you suffer..
Under Music Therapy, he teaches music, such as playing keyboard, harmonium. In just half an hour, he teaches anyone how to play the instrument.
He is a singer, who has knowledge about classical music. He also teaches singing.
Cosmic energy flows through His fingers, His healing gives divine peace and comfort. He teaches the patient, 'how to manage pain'.
His study on anthropology, the science of ergonomics and the development of modern lifestyle and the side effects of it, he explains in such a way that even orthopedic doctors are surprised.
He performs craniosacral treatment (CST) on many patients. This therapy helps in cervical pain.
Dr. Joshi teaches and also treats the following scriptures.
Sujok, Reflexology, Keralan Massage, Swayamam Shirodhra, Mimi-Kaki (Tofugu). He is a telepathy master.
To create happiness in life, he teaches Apsara Hatha Yoga, Money Meditation, (Kuber Tratak), Omkar Tratak, Angels Therapy.
He is an astrologer Guruji, whose predictions are 80% to 90% accurate. He also teaches astrology, horoscopes, gemology-gemology, Shivswarodaya, face reading and dousing. He is the expert in Vastu Shastra.
He is the Master of the Masters of the ancient mystical esotericism listed below.
Shri Meru Yantra, Numismatics, Chhayapurush, Vashikaran, Das Mahavidya, Hudu-Voodoo (African Black Magic), Jinnah Mantra, Karna Pishachini [these vidyas are rarely taught by any guru. ]
Since Dr. Joshi has roots from Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand; (Haridwar Rishikesh is known as "Devbhoomi") He has gained spiritual knowledge from the Himalayan ascetic, sage and mahagurus. In the early stages of his life his parents went to the Himalayas.
He is the best meditation guru in the world, he teaches Sudarshan Kriya, Osho philosophy and meditation, Vipassana yoga . He is not 'only' a spiritual guru, but he is a psychological motivational guru.
His psychological analysis has influenced the lives of thousands of people, including managing emotions, managing memory, concentration of mind, counseling marital life, understanding spouses, family management, solving family problems, life after retirement, life planning, etc. Magnetic personality, and guides the youth.
Along with the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads, his consulting room is filled with a holy Bible, Holy Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, Jind Avesta (Zarathustrianism), as well as the holy texts of Jainism, Tripitaka (Buddhist scriptures). As he study these texts regularly. He also teaches the Upanishads and Vedas.
Dr. Joshi has given many lectures on the above subjects. In India, his views have been presented in the best newspapers like The Indian Express, Dainik Bhaskar. He has written hundreds of columns every Wednesday in the Hindi Newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, Surat edition for the year 2018-19. He is a writer, a poet and has deep knowledge about Urdu poetry. He has extensive studies in classical Hindi English literature, from Shakespeare to Premchand.
Being a thinker with social responsibility, his 'career guidance for housewives' is excellent. Many talented women do not understand what to do after 40. When the children grow up, the husband gets busy, the house is set, then women do not know what to do with the life. Women start enjoying life by restarting His careers. If a student wants to do some great career, then he should take 'career guidance' by Dr. Joshi .
He is a trend marriage counselor.
His dedication towards life is not limited to spirituality and religious work but he is the best corporate motivational trainer. Due to goddesses Saraswati's blessings, he has tremendous command on English language. He teaches spoken English. He has written books on spoken English in Gujarati and Hindi.
He has the technical knowledge to create project reports and make it practically successful. He offers practical business advice. He also gives advice on business ideas, marketing ideas.
He has designed mechanical fixtures and devices for many companies for fast and accurate work .
He is an excellent painter, his modern art and contemporary art is not only limited to paper and canvas but his art design shows enchantingly on clothes and T-shirts as well.
He has just finished 2000 (Two Thousand) art pieces, published worldwide. Appreciated by renowned artists.
Technical knowledge.
He is a trained mechanic of electronic household appliances such as radio, iron, microwave, and washing machine, etc. He has excellent knowledge of industrial cable wires layout and house wiring. He is an electrician, a plumber. He is a trained interior designer and decorator. He has designed RTA furniture for furniture companies.
He is a skilled lathe machine operator, welder, driller, fitter. He is also a photographer with divine touch .
He is an expert cook and a fashion designer.
His women's fashion work is exceptional. He is a very creative face makeup artist, a hairstylist, a hair highlighter.

About His computer literacy;
He is an ethical hacker, web designer, Photoshop and 3D'sMax expert. Which has the ability to teach students. He is a video, film editor, a VFX expert who runs pinnacle, filmora and SE software.
He is an animation expert, after effect, sound editing (sound forge), 3Ds Max, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Adobe in Design, Flash, Matrix, Maya, Marvelous, 3D Auto CAD, 3Ds Sweet Home, Dream Viewer, Turbo C++, PHP, Java, Android software.
He is a Google Certified Analytics Expert (with 93% passing.).
He is an expert in web designing. He has more than 30 web sites of his own. He has developed various techniques and skills of Photoshop digital paintings and digital make up. He has great skill in making a 62-year-old grandmother's photo look like a 16-year-old girl.
He knows HTML, Java, PHP, DOT NET. He is a programmer. He is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) expert, Social Media Management expert. He is a digital marketing expert. This means that he teach people how to earn money from Google, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress.
His training institute is affiliated with 'Veer Narmad University Surat', under which many subjects are taught. He is an honorary member of the SWA Screen Writers Association of the Bollywood film industry. And connected to NETFLIX.
Family Life:
(All the spouses please pay attention.) There are no servants, maids in his three-stored house. He clean his house himself. He never asks his wife for cleaning. He cleans all the five toilets and bathrooms, himself. He consider its against humanity to keep servants. Living with only three members, he cooks recipes on every Sunday. And keep the kitchen clean by cleaning the utensils himself. ( He has wrote book on how to clean kitchen and house.) He takes his family on long drive once in a month. He goes for a walk with his wife and son, every evening.
Contribution to Humanity:
Dr. Joshi always think for the welfare of the entire human race. Under which he regularly communicates with the Prime Minister of India, The President of India, WHO, World Bank, and the best people of the world.
In which "Light House" is a project with amazing technology of 10x10 feet self-contained house is created in Rs 11,000/- the honorable Prime Minister has accepted it by “Light House” name, PM has taken the name of gmail ID
(Watch the video of the Prime Minister on YouTube, Light House Project by Modiji.) )
His social contribution:
He is the President of “Naya Savera Charitable Trust”. This trust works in the rural areas of Gujarat to spread education, clothes, food donation, blood donation etc.
He has built two temples on the banks of Tapi river . Where a few years ago there was only dirty forest and waste land.
His spiritual strength is to establish the Shivalinga, Kalbhairav.
He helped hundreds of youth to quit alcohol drugs, transformed them to religious activities. Now the work is going on for gaushala, meditation ashram and Ayurvedic treatment center, old age home, orphanage. His "Healing University" is also coming up very soon through this trust.
He is a highly polished person; he has visited more than 36 countries in the world. He has met many gurus from all over the world to absorb knowledge. Many gurus come to meet him to discuss scriptures. He is comfortable in the corporate world in Italian three-piece suits, as he is comfortable in a traditional dhoti kurta at a social event. He has studied Maya, Egyptian, African, Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian culture to understand humans better .
Yet, with all these qualities, he is a very simple, straightforward and calm person, very pure from conscience. His aura is so powerful that you can feel positive energy after meeting him. His followers are all over the world. Come, join us..

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Publisher: Ideaz Overseas
Number of Pages: 374
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Darapok Hatyara

Darapok Hatyara

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