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Deadly Fight with Wicked Girnari Wizard (eBook)

Thriller Fantasy for Teens
Type: e-book
Genre: Children
Language: English
Price: ₹199
(Immediate Access on Full Payment)
Available Formats: PDF


An Adventure fantasy for family entertainment, loved by kids, Parents and Grandparents.
Two innocent siblings Riya and Ricky were supposed to cut into pieces by Girnari wizard, Raktakak..

Her skeleton body was deadly dangerous. She was having chicken legs with big nails. She was chewing dry toad, whose green juice was coming out from right side of the mouth. .
Her left hands first finger has a ring in which live scorpion was resting. Middle finger was decorated with transparent glass ring in which a small bat was sleeping inside... .
What happened next? .
Baleshwar landed in front of banyan tree and prostrated (pranam in Hindi) said loudly “Bam Bhole”. The old wise tree began to woke up with great pain. There was a very strong sound from the stem. “Baleshwar! How did you come?” Ba-leshwar jumped with reverence (Shraddhabhav in Hindi)...
Someone in drove pulled out the sword and cut my neck. My neck split from the body. .My body floundered. .
The fountain of blood started from my throat. .
All disciples of ‘Aghor’ were dancing and drinking my blood. My dead head fell in-to bushes. .
My soul was out of my body. I could see my body from outside. My body was fluttering, and I was not able to do anything. .
My soul reached in the ghost cunt. I left human cunt. I was watching how these murderers were eating my flesh. .
One ‘Cunt’ forced dagger in my chest and pulled out my heart. My heart was alive until then. It was beating ‘dhak dhak dhak’. It has a lot of blood in it. He started sucking my blood as if drinking coconut water. Those ‘Aghor’ people were very happy, by killing me.... .
The light of his ‘Snakestone’ (Nag Mani) spread all over in the jungle. .
Thirteen ‘Aghori’ were engaged in performing black magic, playing with some ghosts, at a secret place in the forest. They have seen the light of Snakestone. (Nag Mani) .
What happened next? .
Ricky was shocked "Oh my goodness! 'Rice Puller'! .
The whole world is crazy for it. Nasa's scientists are also behind this. It is near me! Unbelievable!! I know it is worth of billions. "....Hermit scared. He came to know that they have now entered in the elusive area of ‘Raktakak’. .
What happened next? .

Hermit tossed the broken shank towards crocodile.
Hermit cut another shank of zebra and threw towards the monster. Then Hermit picked up the zebra and crumpled it into pieces. He was tossing pieces of zebra.
Ricky and Riya were stunned after looking at this. Hermit was extremely cruel with the zebra, throwing its parts towards the demon-crocodile.
Why did Hermit do this?
The next surprise was ...
What happened next? .

What happened next? .
Fearful, Betal said, “I do not know what you have a grudge with ‘Raktakak’, but to remove this rock, you have to answer some of my mysterious questions. If you answer it right then the rock will move automatically and the path will open. "

Betal asked the first question, "Twenty seven minus nine, what is the answer?"

Baleshwar was thinking, Ricky spoke out loud, "zero, zero!"
Kalbhairav is a form of Lord Shiva. Grey's body but bright eyes. Divine cinder was on the whole body, which caused the sharp aroma of the incense sticks. The light was spreading all around his body. .
Dogs were around him, the eternal servants stand with their folded hands. The black clothes were shining on the body. .

The third eye was blinking in between. The third eye was shaking; perhaps God was angry. .
What happened next? .
Even with more anger, he was swinging the sword. Riya was struggling to withstand his sword with a small dagger.

He cut Ricky's right hand with the sword. Ricky shouted. Now Riya got even angrier and she attacked Raktakak with full force.
What happened next? .
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About the Author

Our Guru, Acharya Dr. Joshi is a God gifted personality. Please read it carefully, then you will understand his multi talented, multi tasking personality. Good Guru can change your life.

He has exceptional healing power to heal any human on this earth very powerfully. He has command on following life saving sciences. He not only has knowledge about following sciences but he teaches also, by simplifying subject.

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Acupressure; as cosmic energy flows through his fingers, his treatment gives divine peace and relaxes any patient. He teaches patient ‘how to manage pain by himself’. His study on ‘Anthropology’ ‘Ergonomics science’ and modern sciences surprises even to orthopedic doctors, while explaining evolution of modern lifestyle and its side effects, like pains.
He gives ‘Craniosacral treatment (CST)’ to many referred patients by doctors, when modern medical science can not cure them. He has trained many doctors for CST, providing amazing result. This therapy helps in cervical pains.

Here are list of some therapies taught and practiced by him. Sujok, Reflexology, Keralian Massage, swayam shirodhara, Mimi-kaki (Tofugu) ,

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He is expert of vastushastra, who teaches importance of Vastushastra. He is Mahaguru (master’s master)of Prachin Gudh Vidya’s (ancient mysterious sciences) listed below. Shree Meru yantra, Mudrashastra,Chhayapurush,Vashikaran, Das Mahavidya, Hoodoo-voodoo, Jinnat mantra, Karn Pishachini. Which are rarely taught by any Guru. Since Dr.Joshi has roots to Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand; (known as "Devabhumi" as Haridwar, Rushikesh is also near by) his exposure to Himalayan Tapasvi, Rushi and Sanyast Mahagurus is excellent to learn and practice many spiritual sciences. At very early stage of life his parents went to the Himalays.
He is worlds best Meditation Guru, teaches Sudarshan Kriya,Osho Philosophy and meditation,Vipassana Yoga. His Yoga is not limited with 'Asan', his Yoga in Trance is simply fantastic.

He is not 'Only' a spiritual Guru, but he is a Psychological motivator also. He is comfortable in Dhoti kurta at pubic place and at the same time very confident in Three peace Italian suet also. What a blend of wonderful personality ! He is fluent on psychological subjects, which has influenced thousands of lives.. emotions management, memory management, mind concentration, marriage counseling, Understanding life partner, family management, family problems, life after retirement, Life planning –redesigning life. magnetic personality, youth guidance.

He has given thousands of lectures on above subject. He used to write thoughts in Indias best News papers like Indian Express, Dainik Bhaskar. At present he is part of Bhaskar News group, you can read his thoughts every Wednesday in Hindi Dainik Bhaskar, Surat edition.

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He is a portrait artist, his modern art and contemporary art is not only limited with paper and canvas but on garments and T shirt, also. He is an author, a poet and keeps deep knowledge about Urdu shayari. He has vast readings in Classical Hindi, English Literature From Shakespeare to Premchand. He is a photographer with divine touch. He is the best cook, a fashion designer. His ladies fashion works are extra ordinary.

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He did Photoshop digital paintings, and different technique and skill of digital make up. He has skill to make 62 years granny look like 16 years girl. Real make up on face with advance make up is very creative work. When he does make up of any face, he touches it so beautifully that people feel its original beauty and not make up. He is creative mehendi artist. A hair stylist, hair highlighter. He is a singer keeps knowledge about classical music. He teaches singing also. He teaches keyboard within 15 minutes to anyone.

He has motivated some fisherman youngsters and has developed a Kubereshwar Temple at Tapi river, where before 2 years it was total jungle and waste land. He himself has did pratishthapana of Shivling and pratishthapana of Kalbhairav. An area and youngsters were involved in anti-social activities, now totally converted in to Religious activities. Now planned for Gaushala, Meditation ashram and ayurvedic healing center, Old age home, orphanage home. He help them to form a Charitable Trust also.

He has highly polished manners;under his presidency a Charitable trust named Naya Savera is also, involved with many social activities. he has visited more than 36 countries in the world. He was lucky enough to meet many Gurus around the world to absorb knowledge. Studied Mayan, Egyptian, African, Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian culture to understand human being in a better way.

Yet, with all these qualities he is very simple modest and calm and quiet, very pure at heart. His aura is so powerful that after meeting him anyone feels positive energy.
His followers are all over the world. Come join us...

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Publisher: IJC
Number of Pages: 125
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Deadly Fight with Wicked Girnari Wizard

Deadly Fight with Wicked Girnari Wizard

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