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विश्वशास्त्र द नालेज आफ फाइनल नालेज-परिचय (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Politics & Society
Language: Hindi
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The book is solution of all requirements of “Rashtra Nirman i.e. Build India” based on spiritual & philosophical heritage truth. In other word building “One India – Super India”, “One world – Super World” & “New India – New World” That is presented thoughts by country & world nation spiritual-political leaders time to time.
The book views based on multi dimensional eternal theory of KARMA or DHARM or SATYA or PURNA or FINAL or COMPLETE or TRUTH VEDA or KNOWLEDGE or DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY or INDIAN /INTERNATIONAL/WORLD (IS/IS/WS) STANDARD OF MIND or COMPLETE STANDARD or COMPLETE VEDANTA or COMPLETE HUMAN MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY or RASHTRIYA DHARMA SHASTRA or SECULAR NATIONAL RELIGION because it is final, complete, controversy, time, place free literature of world. It say's "All noble work and noble thoughts come to us from every side” Capable to arise and complete all types of Realization & Revolution like- Spiritual, Scientific, Cosmologic, Philosophic, Management & System, Democratic, Administrative, Governing, Activity, Definition of Subject & Specialist, Education, Human Resources, etc, at the mind, Brain and implementation level because is it a Final Unified Universal theory. The innovated WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C technology having IS/ISO/WSO-0 series.
IS/ISO/WSO-0: Indian/International/World Standard of thought and literatures.
IS/ISO/WSO-00: Indian/International/World Standard of Definition of subject and Specialist.
IS/ISO/WSO-000: Indian/International/World Standard of Management & Activity of Cosmos (Visible & invisible)
IS/ISO/WSO-0000: Indian/International/World standard of Management & Activity of Human (Visible and invisible)
IS/ISO/WSO-00000: Indian/International/World standard of Worship & worship place.
Features and practice status of discovered technology is easily understandable by a example of tree. Trees have a root and many branches. Root is generalized unified universal theory and branches are specialized universal theory. Generalized universal unified theory nothing else it is natural law. And specialized theory is nothing else it is human law; whereas specialized universal theory is combination of specialized theory and unified universal theory for that special subject. Working process of human is "work than knowledge" whereas working process of complete standard Human is "firstly know the unified universal theory then work" By the work process of Human 90% features are already in practice. Specialized subject form means 90% branches of tree. Which is untouched & unknown from each other 10% features is root, which is required for realization of branches. And it is easily understandable supportable and acceptable because distance between root and branches is short. Unavailability of this 10% is reason of narrow mind, distributed human power, regular increment in un-employment, all types of destroyer bent of mind at all person to world level.
Discovered technology and standard is first and final innovation of its own categories, so no any competitors at generalized level worldwide.
Any new branch creates new scope of employment and it is determined by the area covered. Discovered technology having worldwide area, which is a having many school, collage, university, institution, industries etc. for trainer and specialist of Discovered technology.
Behavior of Human, will be cooperative and friendly with the nature, because Human’s activity and management will be management and activity of cosmos and nature

About the Author

Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” is a living legend of forward step of Swami Vivekananda and Final step of a complete Brahm i.e Kalki Mahaavtaar of God. Born at (Begusarai) Bihar and resident of (Mirzapur) Uttar Pradesh, India.
The whole discovery and discoverer are “One in All” and “All in One” at any dimension and real spiritualism with satisfaction of material science. The whole discovery is based on realization of human society by Universal Unified Truth Theory. This is a totally establishment part of thoughts of Swami Vivekanand delivered at the World Religion of Parliament in 1893 at Chicago. This is not completed till date.
The author is an example of – “A civilian that present own duty for World Nation” and “A symbol of National Mind Power”. He is not only an author but also a philosopher, creator, planner, spiritual discoverer, organizer of knowledge based on scientific system etc. with worldwide establishment process according to present governing system based on discovery. India easily proving self as “Master of world” in visible era for development of international cooperation, unity, peace, stability, management real democracy, administrative, constitutions etc. because world standard mind series can be only one.

Book Details

Publisher: lava kush singh
Number of Pages: 98
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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विश्वशास्त्र द नालेज आफ फाइनल नालेज-परिचय

विश्वशास्त्र द नालेज आफ फाइनल नालेज-परिचय

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