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Thekas and Farans of Karnatic Percussion

Thekas and Farans of Karnatic Percussion

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gndisgnd 4 years ago Verified Buyer

Re: Thekas and Farans of Karnatic Percussion (eBook)

The intent and objective of this book( authored by M. Siddartha Bhatt ) which is to systematize the primary rhythm structures of Karnatic percussion, viz., thekas and farans has been met in all respects. The author has successfully illustrated from the basics, i.e ​​ raw sounds and elementary strokes of Mrudanga, Mnemonics, Musical Metering as well as the building blocks of percussion structures. He goes on to extol the various combinations of the thekas and the relationships between their reference and operational tempos. The subtleties of the rendering, the finesse required and aspects related to the accompaniment of dance are very well brought out. Tani avartana, the percussion solo wherein all the tala vadyas will communicate and interact with each other, has been discussed in detail. ​The book is a delight to read.

​I strongly recommend it for percussionists, mridanga learners, ​ ​dance artists and in general to all lovers of carnatic music.

Dr G N Dayananda, Aerospace Scientist & Science Fiction writer

rajoli 4 years, 1 month ago

Re: Thekas and Farans of Karnatic Percussion (eBook)

There are very few books on the art of Mridangam and many of them are either in local language or heavily coded making it difficult for learners to pick up. In sharp contrast, this book is excellent both for the learners as well as for the practioners who can use it both as learning material as well as a knowledge refresher. The most interesting thing is that the different items such as pauses, blanks, etc. have been identified and the structure is built up using these. I found the book quite useful and I have great pleasure in recommending it to learners and mridangists. Besides, the sheer coverage of all the important thekas and farans is excellent.