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grass with roots: experiences from participatory development

grass with roots: experiences from participatory development

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amitava.skg 7 years ago Verified Buyer

Re: grass with roots: experiences from participatory development (e-book)

The book is seemed to be a handy material for the development activists, field functionaries and students. Showcasing the case studies with a proper relevancy made this book more interesting.
It is really Worth reading!!


Avijit Kumar Mal 7 years, 1 month ago Verified Buyer

Prosperity for people can be achieved by collective action

Having gone through the book 'grass with roots' I am pleased with the several initiatives mentioned for people's development. The writer.Dr. M V Rao deserves compliments for narrating experiences of positive change achieved in lives of the poor.

bdilip 7 years, 1 month ago Verified Buyer

Re: grass with roots: experiences from participatory development (e-book)

A Great Book to read for Every one .An inspirational book especially for people who are working in field for Socioeconomic development & welfare of the Society.A must read book for all types of people for Success in any field.

kochas27 7 years, 1 month ago Verified Buyer


This book defining "IMPOSSIBLE" as I M POSSIBLE.....A true story narrating the transformation from nothing to everything with the help of little bit of technology and ofcourse consistent effort.

I would like to thank the writer Dr. M.V.Rao Sir for sharing his wonderful journey transforming life of millions of people. It is inspiring and motivating for the leaders and youths of our nation ..."Kuch bhi sambhaw hai" [Anything is possible] with the help of effective leadership, consistent effort, technology support and most important hope..This journey giving us a believe and hope that we can transform various villages like Kasare and Gottigaripalli......in to villages full of life, happiness and hope..

Raja Mithelesh Kumar 7 years, 1 month ago

Grass rooted to the ground but grows toward the sun.

This book is also one of his best book. The author Dr.M.V Rao always presents the real scenario which gives feel of our own society. Here also he wrote in very simple words but innvotive & idealistic which drives us to the subject. As he rightly mentioned Development planning and execution must resonate with common people’s heartbeats. This book makes us part of his interventions; and also people/ societie's dreams, sorrows and struggles.
Like his other books this is also eye opner & based on ground reality of the field.
Really this book is grass which is rooted to ground & very nicely showered by Author Dr.M.V.Rao.