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Dictionary of English Idioms (eBook)

Vocabulary Building
Type: e-book
Genre: Education & Language, Job & Career
Language: English
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Number of Pages: 89
Format: PDF
Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 11 inch
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Useful English Idioms and their meanings in simple words | Alphabetical list of English Idioms

Sample this:

Useful English Idioms -- A

be taken aback -- to be shocked

in abeyance -- postponed

above all -- most of all

keep abreast of -- to know the latest update

in the abstract -- generally

in abundance -- in great amounts or quantities

by accident -- unintentionally

to the accompaniment of -- in the addition of something else

in accord -- in agreement
of your own accord -- willingly
with one accord -- in unison

in accordance with -- according to a rule or system

by all accounts -- as said by other people
by your own account -- as said by you
of no account -- of no significance
on somebody’s account -- because of another person
on account of -- because of
on no account -- without any reason
on your own account -- by or for yourself
on this account -- because of this
turn something to good account -- to make the best use of something
take account of -- to consider something during the decision-making process

hold all the aces -- to be in the most favorable situation
place your ace -- to use your best argument, etc. to make the situation in your favor

make the acquaintance of somebody -- to be familiar with somebody for the first time
of your acquaintances -- that you know
on first acquaintance -- on first meeting

an acquired taste -- something that you like gradually

act of God -- a natural event
do a vanishing act -- to be absent when you are required to be present
get your act together -- to make your best efforts achieve to your goal
a hard act to follow -- to be the perfect example of something and thus almost impossible to be emulated
in the act of doing something -- while somebody is doing something
in action -- doing the usual activity
into action -- to be implemented
out of action -- not working

add insult to injury -- to aggravate the relationship with somebody

in addition -- besides

without further ado -- immediately

of advanced age -- very old

work to your advantage -- to try to get an advantage from a particular circumstance
to best advantage -- in a best possible way
turn something to your advantage -- to get an advantage from an unfavorable situation

Take something under advisement -- to consider something during the decision-making process

under the aegis of -- with the support of

run afoul of -- to do something illegal

from afar -- from a long distance away

far afield -- from a long distance away

run afoul of -- to do something illegal

after all -- in spite of everything

act your age -- to behave maturely and sensibly
come of age -- to be legally mature
under age -- to be legally immature

in aggregate -- as a total

agree to differ -- (of two people) to not discuss their different views about something

take aim at -- to criticize severely

walk on air -- to be delighted
in the air -- felt by many people
on air -- broadcasting on TV, etc.
off air -- not broadcasting on TV, etc.
up in the air -- undecided

walk down the aisle -- to get married

alarm bells ring -- to be worried and apprehensive in a sudden way

alive and kicking -- healthy and lively
bring something alive -- to make something exciting
come alive -- to be exciting

and all that -- and other things of the same kind
not all that -- not particularly

allow me -- used to offer help in a polite manner

make allowance for something -- to consider something during the decision-making process
make allowance for somebody -- to accept somebody’s improper, rude, etc. way of behaving because of special reason

go it alone -- to do something on your own
leave alone -- to stop annoying somebody
stand alone -- to be independent or unrelated to somebody/something

About the Author

Manik Joshi was born on January 26, 1979, at Ranikhet, a picturesque town in the Kumaon region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. He is a permanent resident of the Sheeshmahal area of Kathgodam located in the city of Haldwani in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand in India. He completed his schooling in four different schools. He is a science graduate in the ZBC – zoology, botany, and chemistry – subjects. He is also an MBA with a specialization in marketing. Additionally, he holds diplomas in “computer applications”, “multimedia and web-designing”, and “computer hardware and networking”. During his schooldays, he wanted to enter the field of medical science; however, after graduation, he shifted his focus to the field of management. After obtaining his MBA, he enrolled in a computer education center; he became so fascinated with working on the computer that he decided to develop his career in this field. Over the following years, he worked at some computer-related full-time jobs. Following that, he became interested in Internet Marketing, particularly in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web design (creating websites), and various other online jobs. However, later he shifted his focus solely to self-publishing. Manik is a nature-lover. He has always been fascinated by overcast skies. He is passionate about traveling and enjoys solo travel most of the time rather than traveling in groups. He is actually quite a loner who prefers to do his own thing. He likes to listen to music, particularly when he is working on the computer. Reading and writing are definitely his favorite pastimes, but he has no interest in sports. Manik has always dreamt of a prosperous life and prefers to live a life of luxury. He has a keen interest in politics because he believes it is politics that decides everything else. He feels a sense of gratification sharing his experiences and knowledge with the outside world. However, he is an introvert by nature and thus gives prominence to only a few people in his personal life. He is not a spiritual man, yet he actively seeks knowledge about the metaphysical world; he is particularly interested in learning about life beyond death. In addition to writing academic/informational text and fictional content, he also maintains a personal diary. He has always had a desire to stand out from the crowd. He does not believe in treading the beaten path and avoids copying someone else’s path to success. Two things he always refrains from are smoking and drinking; he is a teetotaler and very health-conscious. He usually wakes up before the sun rises. He starts his morning with meditation and exercise. Fitness is an integral and indispensable part of his life. He gets energized by solving complex problems. He loves himself the way he is and he loves the way he looks. He doesn’t believe in following fashion trends. He dresses according to what suits him and what he is comfortable in. He believes in taking calculated risks. His philosophy is to expect the best but prepare for the worst. According to him, you can’t succeed if you are unwilling to fail. For Manik, life is about learning from mistakes and figuring out how to move forward.

Book Details

Publisher: Manik Joshi
Number of Pages: 90
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Dictionary of English Idioms

Dictionary of English Idioms

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