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Beyond Lights (eBook)

The Darkness Knocks
Type: e-book
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Price: ₹50
(Immediate Access on Full Payment)
Available Formats: PDF, EPUB


If light comes too close to your eyes it can make you blind in a jiffy.This book is devoted to the greatest contradictory force in nature against the almighty God which is Satan.

About the Author

It is me or Is it me?
My publisher has asked me to write something about myself apart from my professional profile given at the start. Hmm it's a tall ask not only for me but for anyone to explain or describe himself/herself exactly, I had read somewhere that the person who knows others is a scholar and the person who knows himself is wise, so I am neither knowledgeable nor wise but on the learning curve of being both.
As a person I am a confused buddy right from my Alma martyr. Making the wrong selection has become my cup of tea, in my school I made a wrong selection of my subject stream when I choose commerce and later on spend lion's share of my leisure time on studying science, specifically physics.
Then in my college I selected E-commerce instead of traditional as graduation and afterwards I came to realize that my knowledge in computers was always in paucity and my real interest was in numbers, statistics and finance. After wards the final cardinal sin was committed by me in my academic life as I had joined CFA-Chartered Financial Analyst) to be the finance expert but soon I realize that that this field has only upstream route and no time for relaxation which had made me lost what I used to be. The only good thing about me is I had never ever indulged myself in any kind of drugs at all including love the most dangerous addiction.
All the credit goes to my friends I had always taken a lesson from their sufferings to keep myself refrain from committing the same, one should learn from others mistakes rather than their own because learning from others mistakes prevents you from committing the slip-ups by yourself.
I always use to say - Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and Girlfriend making is injurious to wealth, therefore hadn't casted a full hearted dice till now in this field, although I had few girlfriends but never get too much serious about long run love and when it comes to money I transformed myself into one of my favorite cartoon character Uncle Schrooze from my childhood show Duck Tales.
They say love is for Forever and I say nothing is for Forever even our life so how could be Love a tiny part of life can be Forever. Forever is a great word and it can only be bestowed upon two entities God and Mystery as they are the counterparts of each other or else you can say God is the biggest mystery and only he is Forever.
So choices often turned up like a bad penny for me whereas chances paid of more than the expected dividend so as far as my golden rule for life goes it is
Sometimes choices can prove to be chances and the other times chances can become choices. The most important thing is to carry on in your life in the best possible way you can and wait until you have the ball in your court.
Guys usually love to engage in their relationships with their partners as long as possible whereas I love an offbeat note, I love break-ups. Love often comes as a curse in disguise for me wasting my money and far more precious than money my time as a financial analyst if I analyze then I would have had couple of more professional degrees and had purchased my luxury belongings much earlier if love would have been out of equation from my life statement.
As far as break-ups are concerned they had been the constant source of energy for me as I had mentioned earlier that I completely abstained myself from smoking, drinking and likewise activities so whenever I had to face a break ups in my college days they usually make the person sad, furious and very uneasy most of the times, my college mates I had saw them engage themselves to bad activities like smoking or drinking a lot to make their mind busy enough and their body relax enough to forget that vary ecstasy of love. But I always had a different tune to play, whenever my heart gets broken I distributed those pieces of my heart to many girls so bigger the heart break, more the pieces and ultimately more new girls. When my mind needs diversion I used to read a lot and fortunately developed this very good habit of reading, when my body want to relax, I had joined a fitness center and divert all my anger into fitness machines and developed good personality.
I had heard somewhere the you can never see your love coming you can easily see it go........, it is very true as love has always bid adieu to me with a golden handshake every time. True love never ever comes empty handed so as has been in my case it is because of my break-ups and go away loves that I had developed the good habits like- reading, writing, regular exercise and meditation therefore I heartily thank to all the kind girls who had ditched me. My love was pure so I am here and their intents were doubtful that's why they are no where.
What more to say? I am v very common guy who enjoy minor things like comic books, who get frustrated over irrelevant things like Sachins retirement who say lies commit mistakes but the best quality is just move on.
Everybody has a fire inside and fire serves dual purposes either it burns or it lighten up. Its your choice weather you want to burn your life with the fire inside you or you want to lighten up your life.
After spending a decent time span in a never ending race towards the perfection in Finance I again came to realize the most cardinal fact about my nature.....Oops I have made a wrong choice again and so if this is wrong then what the hell is right?
As I said that reading is my cup of tea, I use to read on wide range of topics, economics and finance are obvious as my profession demands but also on science and supernatural phenomena as my soul carves for them. I had read countless horror stories and horror stuff but I always feel the vacuum of proper classification and logical explanation about these dark entities. One can easily avoid this question by the familiar, famous but unconvincing lines that some things are beyond science and logic, you cannot explain everything, some mysteries are unexplainable and lots of blah, blah and blah. But I have an added string to the harp of mystery that is the string of science which may not sounds sweet but yes it can make you understand the unsounding voices up to some extent.
It is not the limit of the science to be able to explain something but the limit of the mind to understand that.
While working up to my ears most of the time I finally came to the conclusion that I am burning my fingers in someone else's pudding. (Making the major share of the benefit to be taken by my company) and as my friends and colleges call me still immature and as I get used to such remarks since my childhood I decided to take another chance in my ever dissatisfied life, to leave out a well settled career and start my voyage towards the unknown.
My friends and colleges are constantly telling me that I must be satisfied because of a well to do life and settled career I have but what to do with the ever unsettled desire of revealing the unveiled I have in my heart and mind.
The world was never enough for me and it never will be, enough with financial ratios and stock market movements now I want to go to the next level. And anyhow my thoughts about success and satisfaction are quiet different as per me
Success and satisfaction possess an inverse relationship,
Successful person can never be satisfied and satisfied person can never be successful
I had wondered to many places in M.P. and some other undisclosed locations in India as far as my pocket had permitted me and got a chance to meet many rustic intellectual individuals in this field but still I feel something unmapped about which either nobody has told me or nobody knows.
But I am very happy about one thing if ever in my life I will be a successful person then the story of my success will be a story of series of failures.
I am an aimless arrow but sure to hit the bull's eye someday. As I had mentioned earlier that either God is my mistake or I am the mistake of God, both of us can never be right so my success and my failure is the success and failure of the so called almighty.
Ya I want to share a very important aspect with my readers recently some of my friends got married because of which my family is motivating me to get into this relationship because my friends are getting. We are supposed to be independent but still we are bound by the rules we have created and call it society.
Marriage is every individuals need...this is what is a general believe but is it true? Why to get married? As my view, for sex I need a girl not wife. For food I need cook and what will be the grantee that my wife will be good at kitchen?
Were there no human births before marriage? Marriage is simply a tool for insecure individuals who are being feared of left alone or being a bit blunter they have fear of having a nonproductive life at the old age or a kind of social fencing to make an individual realize his/her limits which I literally hate.
I remember in one of my interviews someone had asked me why you don't use wrist watch, I replied I hate limits he added please elaborate your point, I replied I don't use three things sir a neck tie, wrist watch and wallet, why so he asked I answer, wrist watch makes me realize that I have limited time, wallet that I have limited money and neck tie limitations of my character and today when I recall that day I want to add another string into the harp of my life and it is marriage it makes me realize the limits of my life and the only thing I love in God and the thing in which I want to be like him is being limitless.
As far as my observation go we all are coping up with life rather than living it. My friend is married I am not, his job is better than mine, he has a new car so for status I should also buy a car and many stupid and irrelevant things have become relevant today. We want good Job, beautiful wife, big house, car etc. because someone else possess them and in comparison we want to be at the par of society,
We live for others for most of our lives and when we realize what we really want till then it has been very late. What's wrong if I simply want to be me?
I can never ever be satisfied by a well to do going life like my friends are having as per my view if you are not creating any difference you are not fit for the game and to create the difference you need to be special and for being special is not only believing but knowing that you are.
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Book Details

Number of Pages: 135
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Beyond Lights

Beyond Lights

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