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Friends and foretold fate (eBook)

Cosmic Bonds in the Stars
Type: e-book
Genre: Mystery & Crime, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
Price: ₹99
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Available Formats: PDF


In the enthralling chapters 5 to 10 of "Friends and Foretold Tale: Cosmic Bonds in the Stars," Mira finds herself abducted, setting off a chain of events that will reshape her destiny and those of her friends.

As Mira grapples with her captivity, her friends embark on a desperate quest to rescue her, venturing into the unknown reaches of space in search of answers. Along the way, they encounter daunting challenges that test the limits of their courage and resolve.

Amidst the turmoil, the mysterious woman looms ever larger, her presence casting a shadow of uncertainty over their mission. With each passing moment, the truth about her identity becomes more elusive, leaving Mira's friends to wonder where her loyalties truly lie.

But it is in the barren land that the greatest revelations await, where the secrets of the cosmos lie buried beneath the desolate landscape. As Mira's friends delve deeper into this enigmatic realm, they uncover ancient prophecies that foretell a future fraught with peril and promise.

Together, Mira and her friends must confront the mysteries of the barren land and unlock the truth of her abduction before it's too late. For lurking in the shadows is a darkness that threatens to consume them all, and only by unraveling the secrets of the cosmos can they hope to save themselves and the universe from destruction.

Join Mira and her friends on a thrilling adventure through the stars, where the bonds of friendship are tested, destinies are forged, and the fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance.

About the Author

The author is a seasoned storyteller whose narratives delve deep into the human psyche, exploring the intricacies of emotions and relationships. With a keen eye for detail and a lyrical prose style, they craft compelling tales that resonate with readers long after the final page is turned. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the world around them, the author weaves together stories that offer both insight and escape, inviting readers to contemplate life's profound mysteries while getting lost in the rich tapestry of their imagination.

Book Details

Publisher: Independently published
Number of Pages: 41
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Friends and foretold fate

Friends and foretold fate

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