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ivak99 11 years, 9 months ago

An earnest attempt to stoke the fire of entrepreneurial spirit

Initially I was a bit hesitant to read the book, given the lack of perceived relevance for me and the title reminiscent of a doctoral thesis.

And as I started reading through it, the hesitance gave away - bit by bit (Bullet points, and shorter paragraphs would have accelerated the de-hesitancy bit; but then one can't have it all)

The prologue could have been a trimmed more than a bit, as well as intros into each of the 19 cases. The set up was good, drawing the reader into each of the cases in a meaningful manner, than they appear to be on a cursory glance.

The questions are to the point, charming the protagonists into laying out their experience and wisdom out there for the reader to profit from.

The fields chosen are diverse and interesting; most apt for a single individual with possibly fewer resources (time, money, capital inputs) but with a sound idea and unbridled passion to bring it life and make it succeed.

It may not be completely educative in terms of how to go about setting up business from scratch to success - but is inspiring enough to make an hesitant entrepreneur to take that first step. As Anjana Vivek mentions in her interview - "The main challenge for me is my mindset, to go ask for work and then ask for money". Practical aspects like these - sprinkled across pages are what makes it worthwhile to read through.

I hope, though there will be a 2nd edition, one which is more engrossing as this one is educating and earnest in its attempt. Pictures of the entrepreneurs(if permitted) or their company logos (or just plain business card - to ignite the passion in one) will definitely add to the interest quotient and make the reading easier.

As of now, break a sweat and buy the book. Don't wait for the bells and whistles to goad you. For, if you are waiting for inspiration beyond an honest portrayal of every person like you who has taken that definitive step towards pursuing their goal - no book or wisdom will be good enough!

222shilpi 11 years, 10 months ago


This book encompasses some very interesting stories and business models which pulls the reader to explore more and more.Found it quite inspiring and would certainly recommend to every budding entrepreneur.