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Bhaja Govindam (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Romance
Language: English
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Self-knowledge Self- knowledge is the foundation of
life. Without it life will be in turmoil. If there is no
self-knowledge we are bound to act from a psychological
center woven by thought and so limited and results in
limited action if we act from that center and so it leaves
an impression called which knocks our door for resolution.
This limited action results in experience of
non-understanding. Such collection of experiences which cause problems is called ego and at present we are functioning from which adds further experiences. Experiences and so ego is dead past. We are facing
living present moment wearing glasses of dead past.
So we are just perpetuating the past by incomplete action that has roots in past, tradition. This calamity happens
because we are using thought to solve both physical
and psychological problems. Psychological problems are
created by thought and how can you hope resolution of
psychological problems by thought? S o thought has no place in problems of psychological arena .Man has not solved psychological problems for the past 40,000 years of existence on earth. Though man is able to technological advance in a surprising for which his efficient thought
is the cause but lack of resolving psychological problems
is due to use of thought in resolving psychological problems thus complicating existing psychological problem because thought has no role in resolution of
psychological problem and thought is the causative factor for producing psychological problem. So if thought subsides when we face a psychological problem we develop insight which sees the whole net work of
psychological and keeps away from it if it found as a dangerous precipice. So psychological learning is through “insight” only where as physical learning of through “doing” which involves time. So physical learning involves thought and time. Psychological learning does not require time because here “Perception” is action. So seeing old pundit Adi Sankara out of compassion gave message to him the importance of self knowledge in life.

About the Author

The author, Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju is a pediatrician from Andhra Pradesh, India, born on 12th December 1950. He has been working on the subject of self-inquiry for the past 30 years under the living Presence and guidance of Osho and Ramana Maharshi which he discovered 30 years ago in Ramanasramam. He met Osho personally in 1987 and 1989 in whose presence there happened radical transformation of being.He is a frequent visitor to Ramanasramam and out of gratefulness to Bhagawan he has written many books analyzing his teachings and these are some of them: The Art of self-enquiry, Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry, The essence of self-inquiry part 1 & 2, Insights in self-inquiry Part 1 & 2, Theory of self-inquiry, The Practice of self-inquiry, The theory and Practice of self-inquiry, The comprehensive book on self-inquiry, Know Thyself, He also wrote self-inquiry quotes in two volumes,commented on "who am i", Upadesa saram,Bhagavad Gita, self-inquiry in Bhavad Gita,Beyond Religion, The Art of living and all are products of his own experience. He has also written many books on Self-inquiry in Telugu which include "Nenevadanu? which is a commentary of his on "who am i" in Telugu, Nija Vicharana and his most recent books in Telugu Vichara Chudamani, and Vichara Chandrodayam which mainly deal with the practical aspect of self-inquiry and he explains in them why self-inquiry is a direct and easy way for realizing the Self. He also wrote self-inquiry in Bhagavad Gita in 3 volumes, Bhagavad Gita commentary vol1, The essence of Bhagavad Gita, Beware of structure of society-it enslaves you, Gold nuggets, Inner conflict leads to outer disorder, Integral self-inquiry, Self-inquiry is the Art of comprehending the self activity, Self-inquiry is the Art of being with your Self, Self-inquiry quotes of Dr.Raju and most recently, A B C of spirituality,The genesis of self-inquiry,Self-inquiry-The science of soul,Pathless path-The Golden path of self-inquiry, Introduction to self-inquiry,Original facelessness,Awareness-The means and goal of self-inquiry,Despair to bliss-The message of Bhagawad Gita,New man is emerging with a new way of life,Self-inquiry is the Art of being with your Self,The Sage and the scientist

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ISBN: 9781497582712
Number of Pages: 96
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Bhaja Govindam

Bhaja Govindam

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