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Nija Vicharana. (eBook)

Type: e-book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: Telugu
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self-inquiry is a vital subject in life.Many human problems can be traced back to wrong identity with beliefs,dogmas,nationality,language,religion,color of skin,race,profession,gender etc.If we are free of these identities we will relate to the other with a fresh mind without any prejudice,conclusion.Life is relationship with the other and we learn the "Art of living" through self-inquiry. This is the goal of Nija Vicharana.

Man is astray. The sin is not to be committed, it has already been committed. That is the meaning of the Christian parable that Adam committed the sin -- the first man. Man is born astray, that is the meaning of it, we are already in sin.
The word 'sin' is very, very beautiful. The original root from which it comes means 'missing the target'. Sin does not mean sin, it simply means missing the target.
We have gone astray, from the very beginning man is astray, so there’s nothing for you to do to go astray. Wherever you are you are missing your goal, your target. You don't know who you are, you don't know why you are, you don't know where you are headed -- and for what. You just go on like driftwood, wherever the winds carry you.
Remember, this is the first realization “I am astray,” which will make you come back to the path. The moment Adam realized ,'I have committed the sin,' he was returning back home. The moment you realize that whatsoever you are and wherever you are you are wrong.... It is very difficult to realize it because the mind tries to protect, to rationalize. The mind belongs to the world. It goes on protecting you -- not exactly you but your 'astray ness'. You will have to drop all protections, all rationalizations. Once you understand that you are astray, you suddenly realize that you have nothing to save in this world -- the wealth, the power, the prestige, nothing is of worth. It is all rubbish. And you are losing something tremendously valuable for rubbish; you are selling yourself and purchasing toys; you are destroying the possibility of creating a soul for nothing.
This is a basic realization, the first breakthrough. Feel happy about it if you have recognized the fact that you are astray, if you have recognized the fact that you are wrong -- not wrong in any particular way, but in a general sense. Not wrong because you are angry, not wrong because you are full of hatred, not wrong because you have done this or that -- not in any particular way but in a general sense one feels one is astray. Then only the door opens for growth, then suddenly you start looking in another dimension. Then you don't look out, you start looking in because whatsoever you do outside will lead you more and more away. The more you chase shadows outside, the more you will be losing yourself in the world.

About the Author

The author,Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju is pediatrician from Andhra Pradesh,India,born on 12th December 1950.He is working on the subject of self-inquiry for the past 30 years under the living Presence and guidance of Ramana Maharshi which he discovered 30 years ago in Ramanasramam.He is a frequent visitor to Ramanasramam and out of greatfulness to Bhagawan he wrote many books analyzing his teachings and these books are some of them.His works include "The Art of self-enquiry,Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry,The essence of self-inquiry part 1 & 2, Insights in self-inquiry Part 1 & 2,Theory of self-inquiry,The Practice of self-inquiry,The theory and Practice of self-inquiry,The comprehensive book on self-inquiry,he commented on "Who am i",Upadesa saram,Akshara Mana Malai of Ramana Maharshi and all are his products of his own experience.He wrote many books on Bhagawan in Telugu which include "Nenevadanu? which is a commentary of him on "who am i" in Telugu and his recent book in Telugu is Atma Vicharana Ati Sulabham mainly deals with the practical aspect of self-inquiry and he explains in it why self-inquiry is a direct and easy way for realizing the Self.

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Number of Pages: 34
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Nija Vicharana.

Nija Vicharana.

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