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A Home for Meenakshi

A Home for Meenakshi

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Connoisseur97 7 years, 4 months ago

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (eBook)

First of all, many congratulations for successfully publishing your book.
New reader here. I received both of your e books as a birthday gift since I was into e books. Yet, I have not been able to put it down since I started reading them 6 months ago. I have read 'A Home for Meenakshi' at least 5 times till now, yet it is not enough! My apologies for not penning down a review earlier for this awesome piece of literary goodness.
You are a brilliant writer and the book was written with aplomb. The imagery was so strong! I felt as if I was right beside Meenakshi, trying to find a middle ground in her dilemma and Aditya as he brooded and grappled with his horrendous past. The love of Aditya's family and staunch support of Madanmohan. This piece was timeless, graceful, stunning and simply filled with most beautiful emotions of love, empathy and kindness.
Another facet of your writing which I absolutely LOVED was your language. You write in a flow, each word touches the readers' heart so much so that it is impossible to put the book down. More so, the mad dash for dictionary is also not required for reading your book. The language is simple yet captivating....enchanting. You wrote about the struggles of Aditya and Meenakshi with such leisurely ease filled with raw emotions that it gripped me with such tenacity which only a few books have ever managed. Well done, dear lady! The journey from holy city of Varanasi to cacophony of Delhi was astutely portrayed.
Although 'A Home. ..'was the first of your works that I have ever read, after subsequent reads of your other book and work on your blog, I realize that captivating your readers with your brilliant stories is not big deal for you. Simtaji, you are a great writer and I hope you will continue to write more.

nandini9111 7 years, 6 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

Smitaji I just finished reading, 'A Home for Meenakshi'. Loved the simple but complicated love story of Adi and Meenu. Loved how Adi and his family made her feel at ease and welcomed her with open arms and heart. Madanmohan, though a tough parent for Meenakshi, was able to understand her feelings even though they were miles away from each other. Overall I loved the story. Thanks for writing it. Looking forward to reading your other stories in the future as well.

amti1357 8 years, 3 months ago

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

First of all, I have to apologize to Smitha chechi for not writing the review as soon as I bought this book which was 6-7 months ago..

I have always been Chechi's ardent reader ..and I was so happy to have a ebook of Smithechi's with me.. my own e book.. and this was the first ever ebook I ever own.

Thank you for such a brilliant piece.. Smitha chechi is always known for her simple and beautiful writing. In each and every line there is so much love poured.

She never disappoints me in any of her story ... be it a fan fiction or an ebook.

Smitha chechi.. Im in love with meenakshi and Adithya.. and this ebook will always be a part of my life.. the emotions and love between the family .. Beautifully written.

Thank you once again

lalithadevulapalli 9 years, 5 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

With 'A home for Meenakshi' , you my dear ,have found a niche for yourself in the (e) book world ( for here to stay).
Amazing read!!! Timeless!! Anybody from any era with any mindset would easily relate to it .It's hard to believe that it's your first book ( for obvious reasons).. You play with words and weave them in to this magical yet realistic story that's not only simple yet deep but also worldly and traditional. It was heartwarming to finally read a story with Indian classical music in the back drop.
I would equate your work to a simple melody that we listen to , that we have always loved and that gets in to your system and stays with you.
I am still stuck in a haze and trying to get back to my Asli duniya:). That's the kind of pull and connect your writing has . While you are blessed to write brilliantly, I feel blessed to be able to read and relish it.

I wish you all the best for all of your future work .

meera.mouli 9 years, 5 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

Hearty congratulations to Smita on publishing her own book.

I knew what I could expect from Smita's work...that it would leave me with a smile or a content feeling of having read a good book. And this one just does that. In her own un-imitatable style, she weaves a story, drawing us into it with effortless ease that by the chapters the introduction to Meenakshi and Aditya are done, we are already impatiently waiting for the confessions !

The human emotions of gratitude, love and faith are beautifully explored. The instances are genuine and make us reflect on the many times we accept only one path in our lives without giving us a chance to explore others.

Hats off for a good work ! Waiting for many more from you !
- Meera

Viji 9 years, 5 months ago

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

Very well written. Smita you are brilliant writer. Always looking to read more from you.

You bring in every detail of small things beautifully. life is beautiful and simple with content living and beautiful family around.

Simply loved it.


rambhoom 9 years, 6 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

The words ‘innocence’ and ‘old-world’ come to mind as I read ‘A Home for Meenakshi’. The heroine makes a home for herself in one’s heart and the reader cannot help but root for her. Written using simple language that does not force one to run for a dictionary at every sentence – the story paints a picture of Benares and of each of the characters that live in this tale.

One is left feeling warmly happy – much like the feeling one gets after watching a movie with a happy ending.
This reader wonders what will come from the writer’s quill – keyboard – next.

smita-reader 9 years, 6 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

'A Home for Meenakshi' - A beautiful tale woven around the lives of two bruised, lonely and yet extremely strong souls. Meenakshi, an orphan who is at a crossroads where she must choose between pursuing her career, falling in love and having a family of her own and fulfilling her responsibilites towards her uncle, who is her sole guardian and the only blood relation she has. Aditya who is trapped in his own personal nightmare and is trying desperately to fight his past demons.
Smita takes us on their wonderful journey which culminates in both of them overcoming their respective painful pasts and finding their home in each other. Lucid writing, well drawn characters and subtle humour make this novel a very delightful read. Smita, congratulations on your first published novel. I am waiting eagerly for the next one.

syamalas 9 years, 6 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: A Home for Meenakshi (e-book)

A Home for Meenakshi is an apt title for a very well written love saga of Meenakshi and Aditya by Smita Ramachandran on her debut novel. I enjoyed reading this simple yet engaging story that comes straight from the heart with its characters that anyone can relate to. Aditya and Meenakshi are two beautiful but scarred lonely individuals whom destiny brings together and their love story takes it course, thanks to a little push from his huge family and her uncle's friend's.Thanks you Smita for a delightful debut