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Mosaic Hearts Never Fade

Mosaic Hearts Never Fade

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shirish_kul@yahoo.com 7 years, 6 months ago

Re: Mosaic Hearts Never Fade (e-book)

Some important view points

Here are some personalities that are near-and-dear to Surabhi, while conversely, Surabhi and her thoughts matter to them a lot. They are expressing their thoughts, feelings, view-points about how they see Surabhi, her thinking abilities, her maturity, her ability to caress this complex realities of the world … These are straight from their hearts and have been carved in Surabhi’s heart …
Mrs. Jaya Bhaskar
Principal Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium High School, Pune
Dear Surabhi, you have made me very proud. Just in your teens and what an impact you have already made with your first bouquet of poems.
Life is lifeless without emotions and emotions are meant to be expressed, not to be bottled up. I have always told you students that the quality of life will improve by improving one’s communication skills.
Surabhi, you have confidently taken the first step by opening your heat to the world through your poems, which will surely make you realize your dreams.
The two poems that really touched me are “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “To My Dearest Mother…”
Congratulations! Wish you all the best and looking forward to some more bouquets of magical poems. Keep it up Surabhi ! God bless you …
Mr. Narendra Barhate
CEO and Managing Director, SEED Infotech, Pune
Surabhi has demonstrated a very good fluency over language and thoughts in the poems in this book. She is sensitive to the world around her and is able to bring out her emotions in very expressive and authentic manner. She shows a great confidence to be bold and courageous in dealing with the situations around her and is imaginative for bringing those experiences to reality. I strongly recommend Surabhi to choose an appropriate career option and poetry writing would be very natural choice for her. I extend my best wishes to Surabhi for her endeavor as a budding poetess.
Dr. Sujala Vatve
Head, Jnana Prabodhini Institute of Psychology,
Secretary, Jnana Prabodhini Samshodhan (Research) Sanstha (Society)
National Supervisory Psychologist, Mensa India, Pune
Dear Surabhi, the first word comes “beautiful”. A rigorous work! Congratulations! Congrats to Aai (Sumedha) and Baba (Shirish) to have a sensitive and expressive daughter like you. At the same time, I hope that the creator should remain aloof and involved in her/his creation to become more “successful”. I will have to go through each poem many times to get the poets meaning in that creation. Every poem is wonderful expression. I will prefer to go reading a very few at a time to understand and experience each of them. Thanks for preferring me to share my views on this beautiful bouquet of poems.
Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh
Consulting Paediatrician
Teenage is mesmerizing, exciting and full of promise! Yet, at times, it is painful, tedious and hopeless! The world is changing and with it are the challenges of teenage. The fast paced world has become more demanding, more and more ruthless. One needs an inner strength to cross these troubled waters. Otherwise, this fairy-tale time can turn into a nightmare. Many teenagers find it difficult to give vent to their feelings and thoughts; and consequently suffer. Surabhi has found a wonderful medium to express her thoughts. She has captured the angst of teenage in her poems. And although she very modestly declares that it is not her talent, her poems say otherwise! She has managed to channelize her creativity beautifully and effectively. Her poems are not just sentimental outbursts but reflect a balance of the right and the left brain. I am sure this ability to express will be a boon to Surabhi in all walks of life.…
Mrs Sujata Phalnikar
Surabhi’s Inspiration in the field of English
As a teacher I have always come across challenging situations wherein I need to win the student’s heart and soul to be able to mould and chisel the character to take life head-on. I believe
“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go” – E.L.Doctorow
I have known Surabhi for 3 years. Her creativity and sensitivity in her creations “Mosaic Heart Never Fade” are emoted very well indeed. She has been able to reflect her thoughts and perspectives of life traversing through the childhood into the journey of a teenager. The various conflicting thoughts and emotions - feeling of love, trust, faith, hope, anger, jealousy, adoration, pain, the longing to be free from the strings of the parent, eager to be disconnected from the umbilical cord of her mother, realization as she treads on the untrodden path – A journey of maiden, as life, meanders onwards, making an attempt to understand the warp and the woof of life; every teenager can identify with the your poetess. She unfolds the face of the teenager’s heart – so wonderful yet so mature – the lucid flow of thoughts mesmerizes the reader. May God bless you Surabhi – a budding poetess in the years to come.
Mrs. Priya Apte
Surabhi’s Drawing Teacher
Surabhi has a unique style of expressing her thoughts in the form of poems. Her style is a blend of our culture and modern thoughts. She has a great vocabulary. The texture of her write-up is soothing to the mind. I could really imagine how her young heart and her thoughts are expressed in the form of this mosaic ...
Mrs. Shruti Ghatpande
Surabhi’s Mentor
It is amazing to read a “teenager’s” understanding of human relations! Bravo! Keep it up and all the best !! Surabhi’s poems are the genuine impression of mind and soul of a bright teenager. I wish her very best for the future journey in the world of creativity.

Mrs. Jayashri Narayan
Surabhi’s English Teacher, Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium High School
Surabhi has been my student since last 2 years and has always been an enigma to most of her teachers.
This work “Mosaic hearts never fade” reveals the reason for the enigmatic personality. The poetess in Surabhi seems to be loving and rebellious at the same time. She seems to want the world to know her as she wants to be known. The poems are works of a mature teenager and could be the most mindset reflection of so many others, who may not be so good with words.
A good way of opening up and clearing of cobwebs that clutter the mind – Surabhi has correctly used the medium of poetry.
“To know oneself well, one has to express. For others, to know you – you have to express well”.
This sojourn of “your-self” from yourself be guided by the almighty.
God bless. With best wishes to Surabhi.