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Art of building Strong Cohesive, Collaborative Teams; Understanding importance of Emotional Intelligene in Leadership Kindle Edition
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Genre: Self-Improvement, Business & Economics
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Honing Team-Buiding skills and having flawless Teamwork cannot be achieved by waving a magic wand. It undoubtedly demands a conscious effort from all the team members who group and brainstorm to create a synergistic effect. It is always awe-inspiring to note how one Team performs better than the others. What is that crucial factor which makes it outstanding?

Man has made several inventions from Mother Earth. It required a Newton to find the Laws of Gravity from the falling apple. There are many lessons from the flora and fauna of the universe. The Migratory birds, flying in a V shape, have a significant task to teach on Team-Building. The aerodynamics they streamline is akin to the Team Leader guiding his members to soar high as the sky is the limit.

The teachings of Nature, especially Migratory birds in Team-building, are a cynosure of any successful activity. A tiny ignition spark is required for most teams to get kicking and achieve their goals. In this attempt, the migratory birds stand as an example. Their stamina, the guiding spirit, the cheering murmuration, the swirling action in case of turbulence of the air, the effective use of aerodynamics and how they save energy in gliding through miniature intervals during flight is a beautiful treat to watch, imbibe and utilize in the building of a great team.

In the stage-by-stage building of a Team, management gurus call them Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning, the basics we can see and observe in the migratory birds. The Cynosure of Team-building helps to get an idea of the prerequisites of a winning team. Focussing on Team Basics naturally boosts the members to perform better. Reiteration of the objectives and goals on a macro and micro level emphasizes how the Team should perform.

The role of groups throws light on the group-dyad dynamics. An ideal Team’s performance depends on its efficiency in communicating effectively. The next aspect is efficient problem-solving and decision-making ability. Again the pain and agony faced by the Leader of the migratory bird is a striking example of how they take turns mutually.

A significant aspect is the building of trust. Each member of a Team must trust others. The birds flying in a V are typical examples of their mutual trust in ensuring the proper aerodynamics are maintained so they can reach their destination faster. Adapting the Ubuntu “ I am because we are” principle provides gritty and robust Teamwork.

The principles of ideal Leadership, the development of innate qualities, and the honing of expertise are all essential aspects of building an excellent Team.

The ability to tap the strengths of team members, the ability to foresee long-term as well as short-term progress, and the capability to take risks are essential factors of a Great Leader. Having a growth-oriented mindset and being easily mouldable and adaptable to Change are other prominent qualities indispensable for an ideal Team.

Putting the Heart to the job, having a solid commitment, and considering the peers as a family are all nodal points for the success of a great team. In addition to the Intelligent Quotient, the Leader must have a high Emotional Quotient which plays a significant role in energizing the Team.

These two aspects of the teachings of the migratory birds and the importance of Emotional Intelligence are striking factors in this book, and I am sure you will love reading it.

About the Author

MR. SWAMINATHAN MURALI, a doyen with a rich experience of 33 years in the Oil Field. He holds an M.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry and an M.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences from the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology & Science, BITS PILANI. He is an MBA with a specialization in Operations Research. He is also an Oracle Certified Data Base Manager. He is a Black Belt in Six Sigma, and a PMP certified Professional of PMP-USA.

On joining the prestigious Maharatna E & P company, he rose to the level of Head of Material Management with a score of officers and staff under his guidance and mentorship till his superannuation.
He is a non-fiction writer and his book INTERPERSONAL UNDERCURRENTS has hit the stands.

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