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Ishwara And Worship [Upasana] (eBook)

Central Theme Of Gita
Type: e-book
Genre: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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This e-book, is being published on to be available throughout India. Its print edition is also available at This book bears an appropriate title of ISHWARA AND WORSHIP * [UPASANA] * CENTRAL THEME OF GITA. *

It is a six-in-one book of its own kind. It combines my earlier kindle e-books and others on the subject of Rajayoga (aka Kundalini-yoga; Pantharaja) as expounded by Saint Dnyaneshwar, variously titled as 'Yogi's Mystique Universe', 'Swaroopa - Worship and Philosophy' etc. The same, along with additional books, are covered in this book viz. 1. WORSHIP OF THE ISHWARA [Upasana]; 2. THE JEEVA’S SWAROOPA [Vishvabhasatmaka Ashvattha]; 3. CENTRAL THEME OF GITA Worship and Philosophy [Gita – Tattwajnana And Upasana]; 4. KARMA - ITS NATURE, 5. MYSTICISM OF WORSHIP [Upasana Rahasya] and 6. ONKARA AND PRANAVA. Thus, it is a complete presentation in one go of the subject of Upasana i.e. Ishwara and Worship.

The readers will be taken through the various aspects of Worship and its practices in the Rajayoga via the basics that are expounded in the Great Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, and its mystic erudite commentary ‘Dnyaneshwari’ by the greatest Indian Yogi, devotee and Jnanin Saint Dnyaneshwar of the 13th century India.

This is an exposition of the Rajayoga, aka, the Kundalini Yoga, as explained by Saint Dnyaneshwar, the Master Rajayogi of medieval times. He was the preceptor of the Kundalini Yoga line of the Natha Siddhas to which this author belongs. The book's contents have bearings upon the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of my more than three decades of perfected Rajayoga practice. It is born out of the secret knowledge all Rajayogis do possess.

This book will systematically introduce the readers to various concepts of Rajayoga in the generalist Yogins’ methodologies and thinking, along with special practices of Yoga discipline in the Natha Siddha’s traditional ways as expounded through the writings of the Yogi Saint Dnyaneshwar of medieval India who was a Master Kundalini Yogin and an erudite exponent of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

About the Author

(Topics of interest: Mathematics, Astronomy, Cosmogony, Science, Engineering, Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Sciences)
PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH AND INDIAN LANGUAGES and in Literature Researcher of Oriental Disciplines of Philosophy, Mysticism, Yoga, Jnana, Bhakti, Tantra, Vedas and the Upanishads
Connoisseur of Saint Dnyaneshwar's Siddha-Maha-yoga/ Kundaliniyoga & Patanjali's Yoga
GURU Tradition: Main Line of Natha Siddha tradition from Adinatha - Umadevi - Matsyendranatha - Gorakshanatha - Gahininatha - Nivrittinatha - Dnyaneshwar - Satyamalanatha - Gaibinatha - Sadhvi Mai Guptanatha - Udbodhanatha - Kesarinatha – Shivadeenanatha - Naraharinatha - Mahipatinatha - Vasudevanatha INHERITANCE:
1. Gaudapada's tradition from Shrimat Acharya Shankar – Adwaitananda – Satyadevananda 2. Siddha tradition of Nityananda – Avadhutananda
Marathi Books by this author:
1. Yogada Shri Dnyaneshwari
Main book available as Print-copy on
ii. &
iii. As e-book on as ebook4321
2. Eka Natha Siddha Yogyache Atmavritta
As Print copy on
i. at &
ii. As e-book on as ebook4321
Books in this Series in English: 'Yoga of Gita Expounded by Saint Dnyaneshwar':
1. Vol. 1: Autobiography of A Natha Siddha Yogin – Travails of A
Available as Print copy on's store at
2. Vol. 2: Inner Secrets Of Rājayoga - Saint Dnyaneshwar On Kundalini Yoga [Practice – Methods And Processes]
Available as Print copy on's store at
3. Vol. 3: Ishwara And Worship [Upasana] - Central Theme Of Gita
Available as printed book on at
4. Vol. 4: Rājayoga Of Gita [Kundalini] Karma-Jnāna-Bhakti-Dhyāna
Available as printed book on at
5. Vol. 5: Rājayoga Consummation [Kundalini] Karma-Jnāna-Bhakti-Dhyāna - Available as printed book at
6. Vol. 6: Dnyaneshwari In Nutshell Available as printed book on at

Book Details

Publisher: Vibhakar V. Lele [Yogeshwar Kutir Publication]
Number of Pages: 316
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Ishwara And Worship [Upasana]

Ishwara And Worship [Upasana]

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