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Emergence (eBook)

Book One of The Alicorn Quest
Type: e-book
Genre: Teens, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
Price: ₹178
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Available Formats: PDF, EPUB


It was early morning on the first day of October in the year 950 CE. Another day of commerce was about to begin in Mamallapuram, the bustling port city on India’s southeast coast. Gentle cool breezes were drifting in from the Bay of Bengal preceding the tropical heat that would soon engulf this community of artists, merchants, fishermen and farmers. A strange expressionless man dressed in black walked among the locals making inquiries about where to find the best and most respected metal craftsman. It was essential for him to find a qualified metal-crafter without delay, one who could be trusted not to steal his precious gold jewelry. He was a Bedouin sorcerer and magician with an evil reputation as a purveyor of black magic. A dark-hearted man with a mission to fulfill the requirements of the charmed unicorn star and bangle as foretold in ancient south Indian Naadi Shastra prophesies. They contain mandates dictating that both the star and bangle must be crafted of the finest gold and empowered through reading an age-old mantra during their tempering. It is a ritual that requires the immersion of the amulet and bangle in a mixture containing horse blood and ancient herbs. A great power shall come forth when the finished gold pieces are in the presence of the chosen horse.
The jewelry production was finished on October sixteenth but the tempering ended before its completion when disaster struck Mamallapuram. The ground trembled, and then began rising and falling with incredible fury causing much of the city to break apart. As high water from the surging sea rushed ashore the sky became overrun with lightning. Many people lost their lives when streets, homes and merchant stores disappeared into vast crevasses. The storm relentlessly battered the city’s shoreline until it claimed six of the city’s seven beloved pagodas and buried many works of art. A large wave sent the enchanted star and bangle to rest under the shifting sands at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
Mamallapuram healed for more than nine centuries. During that time, the Shastra prophesies of the star, and bangle survived many other disasters by remaining out of harm’s way. They were safe in the Shore Temple awaiting the foretold selection of a brave voyager. A man who will travel to an extraordinary place where horses filled with spirit and a love of life run wild.
The star and bangle laid protected by a coating of rock, which accumulated over the centuries. It was not until the annual Diwali festival in early November 1861 the enchanted treasures shot up from the bottom of the sea.
The rock soars unnoticed, until it drops from the fireworks-filled sky and lands on a beach in Madras, India where a young man named Raj walking along a beach retrieves it.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, unusual events begin occurring. An injured wild colt lingers alone by a lake near the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. He is wandering aimlessly in search of his herd, growing weaker and distraught as the hours pass. All seems hopeless until he is found by twelve-year-old Annie Thomsett, and her fourteen-year-old brother Samuel.

About the Authors

William has been a Portland Oregon resident since 1978. During the past fifteen years, his daughter Beth has either leased or owned horses and competed in both dressage and western riding competitions. Today she owns a miniature horse and a (rescued from slaughter)thoroughbred race horse.

When not writing, he enjoys taking photographs of people, places and things he encounters on his wanderings around Oregon.

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Number of Pages: 342
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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