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Corporate Warriors: Applying Chanakya's Arthashastra in Business

Gaurav Garg
Type: Print Book
Genre: Business & Economics, Job & Career
Language: English
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The timeless teachings of Chanakya, the eminent philosopher and royal advisor from ancient India, contain profound insights that remain remarkably relevant for modern business leadership and strategy.
Chanakya's seminal treatise, the Arthashastra, covers diverse topics from governance, economics and leadership to strategy, warfare and foreign policy. Studying this influential historical work reveals principles and perspectives that can help executives tackle contemporary organizational challenges in an increasingly complex global business environment.
In this book, we explore key selections from Chanakya's teachings spanning ethics, decision-making, financial management, risk mitigation, crisis response, competitive strategy, marketing and human resources. The goal is to rediscover the time-tested wisdom contained in Indian classical texts and see its powerful applicability through examples of contemporary global corporations successfully manifesting these ancient lessons.
For instance, Chanakya's advises on pragmatic flexibility and situational adaptation have guided firms like Ola as they navigate market disruptions. His cultural assimilation principles have helped Starbucks localize in diverse regions worldwide. Chanakya's emphasis on holistic risk management finds modern parallel in how companies like Intel structurally embed organizational resilience.
Thus, this book illustrates how diverse leading organizations across industries manifest timeless insights from the Arthashastra to tackle modern challenges. Executives aiming to build distinctive leadership capabilities will find Chanakya's teachings remarkably relevant alongside current management thinking.
By blending broad perspective with practical solutions, and farsightedness with ethical grounding, the Indian genius Chanakya provides a framework for principled leadership enabling organizations to sustain excellence amidst turbulence. It is my hope that this book will inspire readers everywhere to assimilate the timeless wisdom of one of history's foremost strategic thinkers.
Chanakya, the master strategist and philosopher from ancient India, authored the profoundly influential Arthashastra treatise outlining pragmatic governance policies and leadership strategies. This book highlights the surprising relevance of Chanakya's teachings for modern business leaders. His practical wisdom guided the creation of a mighty empire in turbulent times – principles that global executives can adapt to steer organizational excellence and resilient growth today.
The book covers topics like crisis management, competitive strategy, financial stewardship, organizational design, risk mitigation, branding and more – illustrating how corporates worldwide are effectively applying Chanakya's lessons spanning over two millennia. For instance, his emphasis on rapid adaptation is manifested in Apple's business model pivots, while his advice on prudent financial buffers and ecosystem alliances have empowered firms like Amazon and Starbucks. Throughout, real company examples demonstrate assimilation of Chanakya's futuristic management philosophy.

About the Author

Gaurav Garg is an accomplished International marketing leader. He holds an MBA focused on marketing strategy and has over 20 years of experience driving growth, innovation, and customer engagement for leading brands.
Gaurav has authored numerous books across a diverse range of topics, including psychology, personal growth, wellness, spirituality, and business strategy. His works have garnered praise for their practical wisdom, research-backed frameworks, and transformative insights presented in an accessible style.
A few of Gaurav's most popular titles include:
Unlocking the Mind: How Behaviour Reveals Personality
The Don's Reckoning
Corporate Warriors: Applying Chanaky's Arthashastra in Business
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v is passionate about synthesizing ancient wisdom and modern science into practical guidance that helps individuals and organizations reach their full potential.


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Publisher: Dreamartsclub
Number of Pages: 267
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Corporate Warriors: Applying Chanakya's Arthashastra in Business

Corporate Warriors: Applying Chanakya's Arthashastra in Business

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