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Primrose’s Curse (COLOR EDITION)

Primrose’s Curse (COLOR EDITION)

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S.MOHAPATRA 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE- https://medium.com/@shraddhamahapatra...

I am still surprised at how a 10-year-old girl can write such a flawless story! Reading this book reminded me of my childhood days and honestly, I needed to read such a book to get out of my reading slump. And now that I got hold of the trick- My dear readers, whenever you wanna get out of a reading slump always choose a children’s book. And start with “Primrose’s Curse”. Truly, it just refreshes your mood and makes you feel light to kick start your reading process on big books again. Now talking about the technicalities -I was intrigued by the book from the very first page. The narration and the beautiful illustrations got me gripped until I finished reading it. Of course, the book is written for kids, so the language is easy to understand and helps you read faster. I loved how the animals were given life in this book; makes it stand out from other books for kids. The character description and the build-up is perfect and adds an extra dimension in understanding the story.

I just can’t appreciate this book enough. It is a highly recommended read, especially for kids and I don’t think you should miss on it. It is a perfect gift for the kids and I am sure they will love it.

And hey, buy it soon ’cause you don’t wanna miss out on the sequel- “PRIMROSE’S DESTINY”


VIPs Vipasha 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

Every once in a while in middle of an ordinary life some book gives us a fairytale "

Ash1173 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

Title: Primrose’s Curse: A Fairy Tale of an Audacious Girl
Author: Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar
Genre: Children's Fiction
The Plot Revolves Around Primeose Fernetise,A Twelve Year Old Girl Who Is Born In A Poor Family.Despite Her Young Age,She Had Massive Responsibilities And She Had To Take Care Of Her Ill Father!!
But When The Evil Sorcess Queen Evelyn Velecrona Casts An Evil Curse On Humanity,Will Primrose And Her Magical Animal Friends Save Humanity From The Evil Curse?
Grab Your Copy On Amazon To Find Out!!
Being A Childrens Book ,It Gave Me Lots Of Happiness As I Escaped From Reality And Travelled Through The Amazing World Of Kiara's Story!!
The Language Used And The New Words I Came Across Were Amazing,There Are So Many Mentions Of Mouth Watering Foods!!The Illustrations Are So Good That U Return To The Previous Page To Just Glaze At The Illustrations Again!!The Cover Is Also Beautiful And The Paper Quality Is Just Excellent!!
I Suggest Everyone To Read This Amazing Book Which Conveys Many,Much Needed Morals!!
I Give It A 8/10
Thank You So Much @vikipublishing For The Review Copy!!

Jayosmita Ganguly 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

Children's books come off as refreshing, come what may. It takes you off the regular concerns and seriousness. However, this is a wonderful blend of a technique which is fable-like yet concerns universal issues, which stands out due to its technical individuality.
Furthermore, it is not the fairytale of a damsel in distress, rather, has a very strong yet humble girl-protagonist, Primrose who retains a certain "muchness" of Alice. This book took me back to Lewis Carroll's descriptions of the "Tea-party" yet kept on pushing me back with its thriving individuality in technique and personal enhancements of the theme of family.
Coming to the language of the book, although it did retain the innocence necessary in a Children's book, it also had some modern terms familiar to children of today like "confidential," a word that kept harking back.
It also played interestingly with the names and their character references (read the book to find out). All in all, it was a fun and refreshing read. I would highly recommend this to the lovers of fairytales all around.

Rohini Vijayakumar 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

This story is about a girl, Primrose who got cursed by the witch. But she didn't know anything about it and before knowing that she lost her mother. Her family suffered a lot because of the curse. When and how did she turn the curse into a blessing? Who will help her to do that? is the remaining story.

It is a magical book which is really recommeded to the kids. And Adults also find this as an attaractive one for sure. I finished within a few hours and it was engrossing. The ending is very nice. Definitely it's wonderful book.

Sukanya Gogoi 3 years, 9 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

As a primary school going kid, I never liked reading Fairy tales. I don’t exactly remember why. Maybe I was too lazy to read and imagine things. But all I did was flip through the pages staring at the illustrations. .
Primose’s Curse is authored by a father-daughter duo. No wonder the story begins with Primrose’s undying love for her father. She sets out on a long journey to find some magical herbs for her ailing father and embarks on a longer mission to save humanity after she encounters her magical woodland friends.
The narration of the story is beautiful and kept simple. I liked how Primrose’s journey is imagined all throughout. The plot is very meaningful. Defeating evil forces and saving humanity. The theme sounds deep but the perspectives of a young author makes it very simple. Kindness, coexistence of humans and animals peacefully,sharing, caring, choosing good over evil are some of the beautiful lessons that the story emphasises on. The illustrations after every few pages will help young readers relate to the scenes. Please read out the story to your kids, niece/nephew or any young kid you know.
I’m sure this book will help you travel back in time and relive your childhood again.
Listening to the audiobook was equally wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to appreciate the voice artist for such a beautiful and clear narration

salman508 3 years, 10 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

My review:
After many days, I got a chance to read on a children’s fiction. There is some magic in reading a children’s book. The main thing is that it lets you escape reality and makes time travel it into the glorious childhood days. I felt the same while reading little Kiara’s this magical journey. The new nomenclature used in naming the characters and places is very unique. There are some places where m mouth watered reading about various food items mentioned. Last but not least, to add more color to the story, there are cute illustrations of certain scenes that made the read really enjoyable.
All the characters in the story are written in a very fascinating manner. The readers who are interested in reading the anime genre of books will relate more to the characters.

A very engaging narration is found in the story. As the book is just about 144 pages, with its interesting narration the book is a definite page-turner.

Language & Grammar:
This is one of the best parts of the story. Perfect language and grammar are used. One of the finest books that I have read in recent times with great vocabulary is this and ironically happens to be a children’s book.

Jasmine kaur 3 years, 10 months ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

A worth read! An amazing story which ignites the spark of reading. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and i will certainly recommend this book.

bhuvanendra 4 years ago

Re: Primrose’s Curse

Excellent book from the authors, bravo ...

It is an upbeat and compelling book. It is an adventurous and interesting read till the end. To sum it up : “That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” ―Jhumpa Lahiri