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The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

Apocalypse & Hyperspace Jumping
Matthew Ilayathu
Type: Print Book
Genre: Medicine & Science, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
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This Sci-fi novel starts with the breaking news of one astrophysicist professor at the University of Southern Mississippi possibly inventing a theory to break the light peed barrier, and then running away into Iran. Crossing the light speed barrier is a hot topic among scientists worldwide.
If Iran succeeds in making a spacecraft travelling with the speed of light which can carry nuclear warheads, that’ll be great trouble for America and its allies.
CIA then appoints two Indian commandos, one fighter pilot, and a cloning specialist to pursue the professor.
The commandos with a cunning and calculated espionage plan, succeed in infiltrating into the secret spacecraft research team in Iran.
The story revolves around the making of a light-speed spacecraft, and a subtle love affair between the commandos. Their love turns into a love triangle later...
The time travel and hyperspace jumping narrated in this Sci-Fi novel is totally a new concept, hitherto unheard of space-time relations and interstellar travel ideas. This is going to be a challenge to scientists and science fiction writers.
However, the main topic of the novel is global warming and climate change! It shows how climate change can trigger a World War and ruin our civilization.
Cloning, DNA sampling, and nanotechnology play an important role in preserving the life forms. Noah’s Ark and the great flooding in the Biblical era (and also the Manu's Ark in Matsya Purana) are compared with the light-speed spacecraft and the doomsday in today's world.
You'll also find research ideas that look at diabetes and cancer in a different way. This way you can analyse the killer diseases in a new angle and eradicate them from the modern-day society.
The story also touches the colonization of Mars and the challenges and hopes of the down to earth Martians.

About the Author

Born in a middle-class family in Kerala, India. Married...with three kids.
Graduation in English Literature and PG in Journalism & Mass Communication, and Computer Applications.
Over 15 years of journalistic and corporate copy writing career - worked in India, Qatar and Dubai. Currently he is settled in Kochi, India and working as freelance Social Media Manager for companies in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. Have expertise in social media marketing and content creation.
Being a blogger, he’s very active in social media forums writing about global warming, climate change, and politico-social issues. Many skits coming under political satire genre were written and directed on stage at New Delhi, India. The hypocrisy and corruption prevailing in the Indian political arena is a favourite subject.
Done the proofing and editing of the book, “World Bank and Beyond - a Memoir & a Proposal” by Stanley C P, publisher: Programming and Budgeting Corporation, The United States; Commemorative edition.
Future plans include writing more about global warming and climate change in order to create awareness among individuals and decision makers. Not only humans but the flora and fauna as a whole have also the right to the resources of Nature.
Irrespective of religion or caste, the population of humans as a species should come down drastically on a global level. If we don’t do it, Nature will do it, and that would be catastrophic.
Having worked in the technical department of Indian Air Force for about 15 years, the author has profound knowledge in aeronautical engineering and the operation of a versatile fleet of aircraft. This helped him in envisioning a light-speed spacecraft capable of interstellar Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel and hyperspace jumping.

Book Details

ISBN: 9789352675067
Publisher: Saji Mathew
Number of Pages: 228
Dimensions: 5.5"x8.5"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

(4.50 out of 5)

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2 Customer Reviews

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joel27 7 years, 7 months ago

Re: The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

Gone through the ebook on Amazon.
Love those great twists merging several themes.
The hyperspace jumping would have been elaborated little more.
Indian lead characters in an American espionage story is new theme for me.
I was not knowing that climate change is this serious.
Going to order a print copy to read this holiday season.

Rathimenon 7 years, 8 months ago

Re: The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

I have read this science fiction love story, The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark, and am happy to write a review.

Such books for a good cause of creating global awareness on global warming & climate change should be made available on all libraries across the world.

There is a good chemistry between climate change awareness mission and a space adventure story.

The making of a light speed spacecraft and interstellar travel at faster than light speed are so thrilling. Light speed travel, space jumping and time travel are first time explained in a very realistic and innovative way.

The space romancing and adventures of travelling to Alpha Centauri AB and Proxima Centauri give a relaxing and thrilling mood on the backdrop of apocalyptic events induced by climate change and a 3rd World War.

I have never read a science fiction this passionate. Worth a read.

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