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The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

(4.50 out of 5)

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joel27 7 years, 4 months ago

Re: The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

Gone through the ebook on Amazon.
Love those great twists merging several themes.
The hyperspace jumping would have been elaborated little more.
Indian lead characters in an American espionage story is new theme for me.
I was not knowing that climate change is this serious.
Going to order a print copy to read this holiday season.

Rathimenon 7 years, 5 months ago

Re: The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark

I have read this science fiction love story, The Coming of Noah's 2nd Ark, and am happy to write a review.

Such books for a good cause of creating global awareness on global warming & climate change should be made available on all libraries across the world.

There is a good chemistry between climate change awareness mission and a space adventure story.

The making of a light speed spacecraft and interstellar travel at faster than light speed are so thrilling. Light speed travel, space jumping and time travel are first time explained in a very realistic and innovative way.

The space romancing and adventures of travelling to Alpha Centauri AB and Proxima Centauri give a relaxing and thrilling mood on the backdrop of apocalyptic events induced by climate change and a 3rd World War.

I have never read a science fiction this passionate. Worth a read.