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The Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry.

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In the last century a significant event has taken place in the spiritual history of man on the form of Self realization of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi.Many saints got Self realized but Bhagawan’s appears to be unique.When Bhagawan got Self realized he is only 16 years of age,not yet under any established spiritual discipline.He never heard the word Brahman but he became Brahman.His death experience is unique in the spiritual history.Actually he underwent physical death at the time of Self realization.During that period the conscious aspect of his mind inquired into what is death.He inquired into it with watchfulness, witnessing, without any interference of thought in the form of preconceived ideas, beliefs, dogmas, ideas of reincarnation etc about the death,so he is in direct contact with the “fact of death”.After inquiring into death,he has gone beyond death, mrutyunjaya.But luckily for all of us the life forc has entered again into his body and he started moving.All this happened in just 20 minutes which never happened so easily in any other saints history.Similar death experiences happened two more times and Bhagawan existentially came to know that his essential nature is Pure conscious being but not body-mind complex as he previously thought to be.Since then he established as Brahman and lived life accordingly.He diagnosed the root cause of suffering is body identity through “I-am-the-body-idea”.He found self-inquiry is the best and direct method to root out that identity with the body.All spiritual disciplines keep the “me” which is the source of misery and they go on “doing” something to attain the Self.In self-inquiry the very existence of me is questioned and scrutinized.So “me” is not used to do self-inquiry.In Upadesa saram in 17th sutra Bhagawan said when we set out find where is the “me”,it will be found
non-existent.(Naiva Manasam).So self-inquiry is a scientific method done with awareness about nature,structure,style of functioning of the “me”.So self-inquiry does not belong to any religion and can be done by any sincre truth seeker irrespective of his background of what religion,belief,dogma he belongs to.So self-inquiry is an inquiry into the nature of impediments which are obstructing the discovery of inner Self,the immeasurable,that which is timeless and so eternal.In this book the author gives a brief biography of Bhagawan, his death experience in his own words, his original “Who-am-I” text, and the observations of the author on self-inquiry which may be useful for those who are doing self-inquiry in the light of Bhagawan.Bhagawan is such a great saint he conferred Self knowledge to a cow which we usually hear in ancient Puranas.His equanimity towards all beings is quite significant.The way he died is also unique.After his leaving the body,a blue light arose from his body,went high up in the sky like a meteor and finally merged in the holy mountain of Arunachala. Such event happened only in the case of Lord Krishna and Manikya Vachakar. For the author he is a living guru for him because “presence” of Bhagawan is palpable.

About the Author

The author,Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju is pediatrician from Andhra Pradesh,India,born on 12th December 1950.He is working on the subject of self-inquiry for the past 30 years under the living Presence and guidance of Ramana Maharshi which he discovered 30 years ago in Ramanasramam.He is a frequent visitor to Ramanasramam and out of greatfulness to Bhagawan he wrote many books analyzing his teachings and these books are some of them.His works include The Art of self-enquiry,Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry,The essence of self-inquiry part 1 & 2, Insights in self-inquiry Part 1 & 2,Theory of self-inquiry,The Practice of self-inquiry,The theory and Practice of self-inquiry,The comprehensive book on self-inquiry,,Know Thyself,self-inquiry in yoga Vasista,Self-inquiry in Adi Sankara works,he wrote self-inquiry quotes in two volumes,commented on "who am i",Upadesa saram,Akshara Mana Malai of Ramana Maharshi and all are his products of his own experience.He wrote many books on Bhagawan in Telugu which include "Nenevadanu? which is a commentary of him on "who am i" in Telugu,Nija Vicharana and his most recent books in Telugu Vichara Chudamani,and Vichara Chandrodayam mainly deal with the practical aspect of self-inquiry and he explains in them why self-inquiry is a direct and easy way for realizing the Self.He also wrote self-inquiry in Bhagavad Gita,Bhagavad Gita commentary vol1,The essence of Bhagavad Gita.

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ISBN: 9781469907086
Number of Pages: 592
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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The Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry.

The Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry.

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