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Tabla Gths, Parans, Chakkardars

Tabla Gths, Parans, Chakkardars

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Rupesh Kotecha 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Fantastic book! Will take a lifetime or more to learn from it!

It gives me great pleasure to review Pt. Sadanand Naimapalli’s new book ‘Tabla G’ths, Parans, Chakkardars’. Having been a lifelong student of the art of Tabla now for more than 4 decades I find it hard to believe that someone like Sadanand ji has taken the time and effort to write such an authentic book filled with more than 600+ valuable, and many times rare, compositions not only by great masters but also some which are composed by this great scholar and Guru of Tabla the author himself. Typing even one composition takes time and effort but to remember this many compositions and to put them down on paper is really an amazing achievement beyond my comprehension. Sadanand ji has given a great introduction into the art of Tabla G’ths, Parans and Chakkardars with detailed information on the various types of compositions that exist and how to read the compositions he has written. As you read along you find information about the various masters and certain compositions that are attributed