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Yes, You Can Be A Viral Reality Show Star

Yes, You Can Be A Viral Reality Show Star

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Pooja J 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Highly Recommended

'Yes! You can be a Viral Reality Show Star' by 'Pooja Misra' is a book full of interesting topics around the reality of reality shows. She has been to a reality show, has experienced the life and has laid the truth of reality shows in a very interesting manner in this book.
She has been running her own registered proprietorship firm namely "Pooja Misra Production" since 2012. She's an author of 4 books, a celebrity columnist, a model, a theater actor, an anchor and a lovely person. She's also been awarded with various awards.
Talking about the book, her writing gives you an insight of the TV shows, why are reality TV shows so popular, how can you be a part of it, the master game of TV shows and what not. Everything about TV shows and it's reality has been covered by her in this book. The language used is simple and easy to understand but very effective and she made it so Inter by adding her experiences she's gained from TV shows.
Highly Recommended!

Sushantubale 5 months, 3 weeks ago

What a book.

I got a pirated copy of this book and it was worth a read. Sorry Pooja, poonam had made pirated copies of your book and is publishing it by a new title. Anyways good luck.