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Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World

Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World

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priyaflorence 12 years, 5 months ago Verified Buyer

Re: Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World

Priya Florence Shah of Naaree.org has written a book "Step Into Your Feminine Power and Rule Your World", specifically targeting Indian women. However, the suggestions and advice would be applicable to women all over the world because globally women face the same problems and challenges and are also among the most disadvantaged.

The book is extremely readable and easy to understand. It almost never makes you feel that you cannot make the changes necessary to be successful and an achiever. Full of commonsense advice like loving yourself, letting go of fears and problems, living in the present, not worrying about the future… the book has the potential to change lives.

Yes, it is true that women have achieved much and have more opportunities now than ever before. And yet, as Priya puts it:

‘Despite all our successes, however, we continue to encounter negativity from those who are threatened by the strides that women have made.

‘Sexual abuse, molestation, rape, dowry demands, bride-burning and female foeticide do not stem from lust or money, but from an abuse of power. These are some of the ways that fearful husbands, lovers and in-laws attempt to dominate the women in their home.

‘Strangely, the ones who fear and oppose progress include not just men but women, as well. Some men are understandably threatened by powerful women. But why do women feel this way too?’

Among the reasons for these feelings are, as the author says, lowered self esteem, fear, childhood issues and an ingrained mental block. I particularly liked the bit about the importance of money.

‘The wise ones know that there is enough in the Universe for everyone. Scarcity is a human condition created by fear. Abundance flows to those who believe that they deserve it and are most aligned with their life purpose.’

If you are feeling undervalued, negative, bogged down, are not as successful as you wished, if you want to do something to change, then just read this book and follow the advice.

~ Smiti Munwani