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Dream IIT

Dream IIT

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emailtotomar 9 years, 9 months ago

Re: Dream IIT

This is the first time I have ever been moved to write a review. As an Engineer myself, I have struggled to find the right information regarding the various fields of Engineering, Institutions and Job prospects later on. I strongly believe that if I had the exact information available as in this book "Dream IIT", I would have been able to multiply the opportunities that I have available today.

However, without reading "Dream IIT", your future as an Engineer will be based on misinformation or lack of information. The facts and the invaluable advice based on author's vast experience and knowledge makes it easier for the aspiring Engineering students to get the answers of the questions they are most confused about:

What actually is engineering?
How can I become an Engineer?
How many disciplines are there?
Where should I study and what should I study?
How many years should I prepare for IIT?
How can I start my own company later?
Where can I get information for the job market?
What if not IIT, is there still some hope?

In short, I would highly recommend the "Dream IIT" book to aspiring students, their parents and school teachers. In fact this book should be a part of the school curriculum.