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Bold Conscious Leadership

Bold Conscious Leadership

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Scj1515 1 year, 3 months ago

Raju, a phenomenal person, BCL a fascinating ride!!

Bold Conscious Leadership BCL is a terrific memoir, serving as a gentle reminder that it “it ain’t over yet”!! To connect the dots and arrive at a destination is an ultimate fascination of life. But what is more rewarding is that Life be enjoyed as a journey and not a destination, one should find the purpose of life to call it a success one step at a time! You cannot undo or redo the past in one’s life ever, but through this fascinating read, the reader can grasp from the very own personal & professional experiences & the tools offered by author Raju Panjawani, my oldest friend I have known since childhood, to take a stronger posture for a far better control of the future ventures in life.