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Perfect Astrologer (Best Kundali Reader) Volume-II

Horoscope Best Prediction Astrologers' Book
Ram Babu Sao
Type: Print Book
Genre: Astrology
Language: English
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Price: ₹1,800 + shipping
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“Money is the Prosperity”. This book, “Perfect Astrologer (Best Kundali Reader) Volume-I”, is a unique book, which is very informative and also easy to understand. One book is truly the equivalent of several books on Kundali Reading. You can make the best predictions of horoscope for you or any member of your family with the help of this single book. This provides some of the elementary and in-depth essential elements and methods on complete Horoscope readings. Many of the basics of astrologer’s techniques are explained in detail.
A person’s birth chart is created by considering his date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth, among other details. These details aid in determining the planets’ astrological positions at the time of birth. Having this information on hand also aids in determining your zodiac sign, which serves as the basis for your future Kundli prediction. The influence of numerous planets on a person at the time of birth results in the definition of their hobbies, characteristics, likes, dislikes, and so on. To summarize, knowing how to read a kundli can help you read a person as a whole.
Your Kundli can help you identify dosha and yoga that are forming in your chart and can have a positive or negative impact on you, for example manglik Dosha gives negative effects and Gajakesari yoga indicates good effect on the native. Only your Kundli can tell you whether you have these or not.
Kundli matching of the girl and boy before fixing their marriage is common in Hinduism, and one’s Kundli is the key to it. Janam Kundli readings are also used to determine marriage muhurta.
A person’s horoscope predicts the challenges and opportunities that await him or her in the future. In a nutshell, it prepares you for the highs and lows of the future.
The birth chart keeps you informed, allowing you to make better decisions not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.
Most importantly, knowing how to read your birth chart can help you identify the best career options for you. It decodes the type of job that will best suit your efforts and intellect.
Step 1: You should know what is your ascendant sign? Finding the ascendant sign is the simplest yet most important step in attempting to read your kundli. In astrology, the ascendant sign is also known as the Lagna. Kundlis are traditionally made by using your ascendant sign as the Kendra. Whatever zodiac sign is placed in the first house of your Kundli at the time of your birth becomes your ascendant sign. The first house in Kundli, also known as the house of self, represents one’s body, fame, strength, character, courage, knowledge, and similar characteristics. In a nutshell, your Lagna sign defines your existence and is therefore the most important factor to consider when preparing a Kundli. Your Lagna sign defines the functional benefic and malefic planet so that you properly judge the real effects of those planets.
Importance of Ascendant sign: Each zodiac sign has enemy planet/planets and friendly planet/planets. Saturn, for example, is one of Aries antagonistic planets. So, if Saturn is conjunct Aries in the 1st house (house of self) at the time of your birth, you may have to face a difficult life. Because, as previously stated, your Lagna house represents the entirety of you, and the placement of an enemy planet in it could be detrimental. The word “could be” is used because the outcomes are not always negative.
Step 2: You should know what is your ascendant sign? The following step is to read kundli to understand the houses, also known as bhavas, and their significance.
Kundli contains as many as 12 houses. Each house represents something different. For example, the first house in Kundli represents yourself, while the second house represents your finances. These 12 houses are further divided into four “bhavas”: Dharma (duty), Artha (resources), Kama (pleasure), and Moksha (liberation).
Dharma Bhava/Houses: The first, fifth, and ninth.
Artha Bhavas/Houses: The second, sixth, and tenth.
Kama Bhavas/Houses: The third, seventh, and eleventh
Moksha Bhavas/Houses: The fourth, eighth, and twelfth Bhavas/Houses
The second house in the kundli, or Dhan Bhava, is the house of family, finance, and wealth. If occupied by a positive planet, it can have a significant impact on these aspects. This house also determines the type of relationship you will have with family members, spouse, and so on.
The third house in the kundli or Sahai Bhava is the house of younger siblings, hobbies, and communication. Aside from that, the third house in astrology represents courage, intelligence, education up to the Higher Secondary level, and so on.
The fourth house in the kundli or Bandhu Bhava represents mother, domestic surroundings, happiness, and property. This house can have an impact on the comforts and discomforts in one’s life.
5th House in Kundli or Putra Bhava – The fifth house in astrology represents creativity, wit, love, affairs, and other mushy traits. The house also represents sexual assaults and acquisitions through wife, female fascination, and karmas from previous lives.

About the Author

He is born in a poor family in a small village. He was lean and thin throughout his childhood and also he struggled with poverty, sickness and malnutrition. He was a meritorious, genius and intellectual person since childhood and is a Mechanical Engineer (1970) from Patna University. He secured the “National Merit Scholarship” of India during Secondary Board Examination. He has acquired a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a deep interest in Astrology since childhood. He is deeply committed and involved in Astrological research and development work. He is an expert in Vedic Astrology with over 18 Years of experience in the prediction of Marriage-relationship problems, Kundali Matching, Career, Profession, Business relationship, and other problems in life and their Remedies. Sincerity, deep study and hobby have put him to many new techniques and methods for horoscope prediction. He has studied many books and magazines on astrology. He thought of the necessity of a consolidated Book covering all the aspects, topics on subject matters about ‘Kundali reading’ in astrology in one place. This Book “Perfect Astrologer (Best Kundali Reader) Volume-II”, is the gist of the topics related to the best way to ‘Kundali reading’ with planets in twelve houses in astrology. This will result in improving the general quality levels of the reader to greater satisfaction. He has upgraded the process of awareness of various matters benefiting the fresh learner in astrology too.

Book Details

Number of Pages: 606
Dimensions: 8.27"x11.69"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Perfect Astrologer (Best Kundali Reader) Volume-II

Perfect Astrologer (Best Kundali Reader) Volume-II

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