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Perfect Vedic Astrology for Birth Chart Interpretation

Vedic Astrology methods of Birth Chart Interpretation
Ram Babu Sao
Type: Print Book
Genre: Astrology
Language: English
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Price: ₹1,900 + shipping
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The book, “Perfect Vedic Astrology for Birth Chart Interpretation”, is a unique book, which is very informative and also easy to understand. One book is truly the equivalent of several books on astrology. This book is a wealth of information with our comprehensive analysis, including the followings:
My analysis precisely calculates and reveals the placements of planet, with its strength, avastha, degrees, malefic or benefic, signs, and house positions of over 9 planets in your natal chart using Vedic system of Astrology. This accuracy forms the foundation for comprehensive insights into your life's cosmic design.
Explore the impact of all nine planets across the different houses of your horoscope. Understanding these influences provides profound insights into various aspects of your life, guiding you towards informed decisions, actions and bright future.
Delve into the intricate interplay of planetary aspects such as trines, oppositions, or squares. This analysis unveils the nuanced modifications these aspects bring to the final outcomes of planet placements, offering a deeper layer of interpretation and foresight.
Gain a deep understanding of your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses through an in-depth analysis of your ascendant sign. This feature offers valuable self-awareness and a clearer perception of your unique characteristics.
In order to analyze any horoscope, first of all, identify the problem, i.e. what do you want to know about. In other words, if you want to know about marriage, 7th house is the one which you should study. Then find the Lord of this house, find out whether this Lord planet is benefic or malefic, whether this planet is strong or weak and whether any planet has an aspect to this planet and how strong or weak is that planet and its nature like malefic or benefic. If the Lord is a benefic, the traits of the house get strengthened, and if malefic, the traits get weakened. Similarly, if the planet is strong, it has the strength to do good or bad, according to its nature, and if weak, it is weak to do good or bad, according to its nature. Find out who are the planet(s) posited in this House and find out whether these are benefic(s) or malefic(s), whether these are strong or weak, and predict accordingly. Next, find out the Significator of this House, Planets as karaka for houses or certain planets are considered significator of certain houses. Find out whether this House or Lord of this House or the Significator has any association with 6th, 8th, or 12th house or their Lords. This association is considered bad. Nature of planets (good or bad) can also be ascertained by the States of Planets or as per Lordship of various houses. Use the ‘Planet Characteristic Tables’ to find out the relation between different planets.

About the Author

Shri Ram Babu Sao is a meritorious, genius and very intellectual person since childhood and is a Mechanical Engineer (1970) from Patna University. He secured the “National Merit Scholarship” of India during Secondary Board Examination. He had a deep interest in Astrology since childhood. He is deeply committed and involved in Astrological research and development work since January 2003. Sincerity, deep study and his hobby have put him into the use of many new techniques and methods for horoscope prediction. He has studied many books and magazines on astrology. He thought of the necessity of a consolidated Book covering all the aspects, topics on subject matters about the perfect Vedic plan for birth chart interpretation in one place. This Book “Perfect Vedic Astrology for Birth Chart Interpretation” is the gist of most of the topics on the birth chart interpretation astrology. This will result in improving the general quality levels of the reader to greater satisfaction. He took a lead in upgrading the process of awareness of various matters benefiting the fresh learner in astrology. Anybody can avail of practical knowledge on various topics related to birth chart interpretation in astrology and can make predictions in detail of himself or his family member with the help of this Book.

Book Details

Number of Pages: 694
Dimensions: 8.27"x11.69"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Perfect Vedic Astrology for Birth Chart Interpretation

Perfect Vedic Astrology for Birth Chart Interpretation

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