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Rational Empathy

How the Mind Reveals Objective Morality through Happiness
Rohit Balakrishnan
Type: Print Book
Genre: Politics & Society, Philosophy
Language: English
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Price: ₹499
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When you think about morality/ethics, what comes to your mind? Is good and evil a matter of opinion? Is it for cultures to decide what is right and wrong? Integrating moral philosophy with positive psychology, Rational Empathy explains why these popular notions of morality are wrong. Morality, as explained in this book, is based on empathy and derived through sheer logic!

But why is morality important in the first place? Understanding morality helps us maximize happiness in our lives and bring more happiness to people whom we interact with or influence. The unique philosophy of this book that argues for objective morality outside of religion, poses a twin challenge for both religious morality as well as moral relativism. This book explains how the four principles of empathic attitude, rational thinking, fearless expression and continuous improvement transform our lives by maximizing our happiness - and bring moral progress for humanity. This book is written for the philosopher and the common man alike.

Through the lens of its philosophy of Rational Empathism, this book analyzes hotly debated moral and social issues such as abortion, non-vegetarianism, freedom of expression, blasphemy laws, feminism, marriage, sex segregation, Communism, immigration and education. It contains a critical analysis of religion with a focus on the three major religions of the world: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, evaluating their positives and negatives. It also analyzes Atheism and examines its alleged relationship with morality.

The book acknowledges how everyone including the author himself can be mistaken even in their most strongly held beliefs and ideas. It encourages readers to approach the world with a loving and optimistic attitude and to think critically.

About the Author

Rohit Balakrishnan is a 28-year-old author with with two books in his name. His first book, 'Rational Empathy', a book on moral philosophy, was released on January 20, 2019. His second book, 'The Mystery of Jackson Villa', a fiction of genre mystery/suspense was released on July 1, 2021. Passionate in writing (fiction and non-fiction), morality, philosophy, tennis, martial arts, and chess, Rohit is also a world war two aircraft and aerodynamics enthusiast.

Rational Empathy introduces Rohit's moral philosophy of 'Rational Empathism'. The book argues for the existence of objective morality, and identifies happiness as the basis for moral value. It explains how combining empathy and rationality holds the key to solving moral problems in life and the world. It also delivers a moral analysis of topics such as religious doctrines, abortion, non-vegetarianism, blasphemy laws, feminism, marriage, sex segregation, Communism, immigration and education.

The Mystery of Jackson Villa is a puzzling mystery in the backdrop of a gripping suspense, which is for the protagonist detective Nikhil to solve. A young businessman James goes missing shortly after a music concert in Jackson Villa. Detective Nikhil arrives on the scene to track down James before it is too late. An unknown person starts sending mysterious messages, vaguely hinting at James' whereabouts. This triggers a frantic search. Eventually, James is found, opening up a much bigger mystery that leaves the investigators clueless.

Book Details

ISBN: 9789389844696
Publisher: Self-published
Number of Pages: 279
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Rational Empathy

Rational Empathy

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