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Understanding Women and Men

Using 6 9, X Y, Yin and Yang
Samit Goyal
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Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Price: ₹341
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Thank you, dear reader, for investing your time in exploring my debut book, a culmination of years dedicated to unraveling the dynamics of understanding women and men. Through this journey, I've discovered that women often express their love in romantic ways, while men, with their straightforward nature, may take time to comprehend these gestures. This unique dynamic often leads to unnecessary conflicts, rooted in distinct perspectives.

In 'Understanding Women and Men: Using 6 9, X Y, Yin and Yang,' I strive to demystify the contrasting nature of these perspectives by
utilizing simple symbols like X and Y, and 6 and 9. By delving into the symbolism of the X and Y chromosomes, I illuminate the shared XX
factor representing sameness and the unique XY factor signifying differentiation between women and men.

Illustrating the connection between women and men, I liken women to number 6 and men to number 9. The book delves into communication styles, explaining how women communicate in an 'outside-in' mode, akin to the shape of number 6, while men project their thoughts straightforwardly, like the number 9.

Drawing inspiration from mythological stories such as Ganesha and Karthikeyan from Indian mythology and Adam and Eve's Eden Garden story from the Bible, I explore the differences in subjective and objective worldviews. Memorable constructs like the 'Feelings Box' vs. 'Thinking Box,' Horizontal Connection vs. Vertical Connection, and the Spirit of Life vs. Spirit of Truth are employed to articulate the distinctive approaches of women and men.

Classifying these approaches further into 'Will-first' action vs. 'Knowledge-First' action, and 'Nature force of mutual fulfilment' vs.
the 'Order force of supporting the weak,' I delve into the dynamics of Yin and Yang energies. The book navigates through these concepts,
providing readers with a profound understanding of the harmonious coexistence of feminine and masculine spirits.I draw inspiration from biblical narratives, weaving stories of Adam, Eve, Lilith, Samael, Jesus, and Sophia with Indian mythological tales of Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiva, Parvati, Brahma, and Saraswati. This juxtaposition reveals a profound correspondence between the two, shedding light on the universal themes within us. These divine couples symbolize creation, protection, and destruction—roles we all embody in
our lives.

The importance of truthful words in relationships is explored, emphasizing how honesty and loyalty act as a protective boon, providing a sense of eternal virginity with immense value in a marital bond.

An entire section is dedicated to fostering independence and interdependence in married life. Chapter 12 provides smart solutions for conflict avoidance and open communication, ensuring couples can navigate choices and maintain a harmonious relationship. The
concluding chapter synthesizes key principles, offering a roadmap for a successful and joyous married life.

I trust that delving into this book will enrich your perspective on the dynamics of Feminine and Masculine spirits in romantic relationships.
Your valuable feedback is welcome on various platforms, enabling continuous improvement and mutual learning.

Warm regards,

Samit Goyal

About the Author

Back in 1989, at the ripe age of 9, I embarked on an exciting journey into the world of computers. I had this fantasy that computers were magical wonder machines capable of anything! To my amazement, I quickly learned that they followed straightforward instructions—no magic tricks, just precision. My first love, computers, taught me a hard lesson: they won't change for me, but they'll do exactly what I tell them. I embraced their language and later became a successful software professional. I did not realize that my this encounter had turned me into a straight forward, clear and direct communicator who expected the same from others.

Fast forward to my marriage, and I encountered an unexpected twist. My knack for decoding straight and direct communications, while a strength in my professional life, turned into a limitation in my personal life. In my attempt to understand my wife, I approached our communication with the same straightforward clarity.

A bit too late, I realized she had been speaking a different language of love—a 50-50 mode, if you will. While her words and fights suggested one thing, there was another 50% in the subtleties, where she sought love and reciprocity.

It dawned on me that our messages were lost in translation. She didn't grasp my direct expressions of love, and I completely missed the nuances in her indirect communication. Both of us missed countless opportunities to make our dreams come true!

This revelation sparked the idea for this book. I'm here to share the lessons I've learned after much reflection. Men and women often view the same things differently, that leads to misunderstandings, but these very same differences contribute to their unique strengths, and can be channelized into a harmony. Life's romantic opportunities are hidden in subtleties, and I hope that this book will help readers decode the unspoken language of love and unleash the wonderful symphony.

Come along on this journey of understanding women and men, where relationships unfold, and the art of communication takes center stage. Together, let's embark on the simplicity of understanding each other!

Book Details

ISBN: 9781637548530
Number of Pages: 174
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Understanding Women and Men

Understanding Women and Men

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