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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Make Money From Ideas

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Make Money From Ideas

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admin 14 years, 3 months ago

Re: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Make Money From Ideas

Despite the recent hiccup in form of a global recession, India remains on the path of a blistering economic growth. One of the primary drivers of this growth is the rise of entrepreneurship amongst the Indians. More and more Indians are taking to converting their ideas into profit making ventures, turning their dreams into realities, making money from their ideas.

However, the pioneering foray into entrepreneurship is beset with numerous obstacles – legal protection of the entrepreneur’s idea, creation of an organization, marketing, raising capital etc. In his book aptly titled Turn Your Dreams into Reality, Sanjay Chaudhary provides the reader with an easy to understand, step by step guide on how to overcome these hurdles.

The book is organized into a logical sequence which is likely to be faced by any budding entrepreneur – from ideation and zeroing on a product or a service which would create value for the customer as well as the entrepreneur to the more complex demands of raising funds for growth. The reader is taken step by step through the stages of ideating, creating prototypes, marketing etc in an easy to read and understand format. Apart from lucid explanation of the concepts in simple language, Sanjay has created great value addition by incorporating an ‘In Practice’ part to each of his chapters. This describes how the concept explained in the chapter has been utilized by an extant company or system. The resource he has given at Appendices is another very useful addition.

Detractors could argue that there are a host of detailed books available in the market on each of the topic dealt with by the author. But that is exactly the USP of this particular book. An entrepreneur is essentially a no-frill-straight-to–the–point person; atleast during the initial stages. He or she would not like to get bogged by details and esoteric ideas given in a topic specific book. He would prefer a no-nonsense, straight to the point book. And this is precisely where Turn Your Dreams into Reality scores. It is a lean, no nonsense book covering all the generic but relevant issues likely to be faced by a budding entrepreneur. The universal appeal of the book lies in the fact that the author has not fallen in the trap of discussing narrow, sector specific topics but kept the suggestions and explanations to a generic level. A reader can easily understand the logic and basic concept of the book and apply it to his own circumstances.

Sanjay’s book is a must read for all budding entrepreneur.

Nadeem Sani

Sourav Ghosh 14 years, 3 months ago

Re: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality - Make Money From Ideas

Sanjay Congrats for presenting us such a nice book. I was eager to read it the day i heard of it and after reading the nice piece of art i can't hold myself praising your honest & sincere endeavor.
I should admit that it's a must read book for budding entrepreneurs and people of our generation. His deep insight in the subject matter and years corporate experience has added value to the book. This book simply shows you how to organize what you know into something powerful. I highly recommend this book. I keep it in my library and refer to it often.