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If you feel good, you work good

Relationships lead to Results
Sankarasubramanyan Raamamoorthy
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Hi I want to talk about my book “ If you feel good, you work good” Relationships lead to results. This is the story of Citicorp Overseas software Limited, an organisation that was an outlier of its times. This story, I believe is highly relevant to organisations and leadership of today.

Let us look at the world around us. We live in times of chaos and the pandemic has amplified an already Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. It maybe this pandemic and tomorrow it maybe something else. We can’t control what the world throws at us. However, we can respond to that with the strengths that we hold.

The focus we adopt becomes our reality. The common instinct when we are in the midst of a crisis is to adopt a perspective that offers a very deterministic path with a clear map to what we believe is the “solution” to all “problems”. Hence most leaders operate from the machine metaphor which gives a false sense of stability, certainty, simple and clear solutions to problems in a world that is in fact just the opposite – (VUCA) volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous!

If our worldview is that organisations are living organisms then our response will be to strengthen our core. Citicorp Overseas Software Limited (COSL) was an outlier company during its times. COSL believed that relationships at work was its core strength that helped the organisation transform an adversity into an opportunity. When the world becomes more VUCA, COSL leveraged the strength of relationships not only to get results , overcome the situation but also to transform itself.

I believe the success of COSL laid in its culture can be stated in this one short sentence “if you feel good, you work good”. People feel good when they have interesting and challenging work, when they have great relationships with colleagues and when they experience their organisation as their “home”. When people feel good, a relationship contract gets established with the organisation and people deliver their side of the contract through great results.

This books tells that story and also offers new perspectives on how relationships can lead to results in today’s world.

About the Author

Sankarasubramanyan Ramamoorthy

I have a long name… “Sankar” could be easier on your tongue and I also like to be addressed like that!
After my post- graduation in human resources management, I had a great professional career working with multinational corporations in India and the Caribbean. In my career of 17 years, I managed many functions in Human Resources Management and rose to become a Director and Head of HR. In 2001, I formed ChangeWorks, a boutique consulting organization along with a few colleagues, to help facilitate transformation in individuals, groups and organizations.
In my change management practice, I have been privileged to work with many organisations in Asia, Europe and Americas. I have seen organisations and people experience similar dilemmas all over the world – how to keep the sense of identity, purpose and effectiveness in a rapidly changing world. I have also experienced the power of relationship to deliver results as a common desire and drive in most of the organisations that I worked with. I experienced that in COSL during my tenure there from 1989 to 1995. Since then I have been wanting to tell the story of COSL.
In most organizations, results and relationships are on two different axes. The worldview is to keep boundaries between professional roles and people. I believe that COSL held a counter-intuitive view and the book explores that story. I hope this book will be a guide for leaders and entrepreneurs to build organizations in this chaotic world.
I live in Mumbai and Goa, consult, educate, coach and write. I’m a student of leadership, organisations and people. Most importantly, I’m a student of myself- self-awareness has been a preoccupation for the past forty years of my life.
If this book generates more questions for you or you have a story to tell, please reach out to me at You can also visit my website

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ISBN: 9781637541197
Publisher: Self
Number of Pages: 192
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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If you feel good, you work good

If you feel good, you work good

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