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Title is Untitled

Title is Untitled

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abhi.alwandi 8 years, 10 months ago

The same as Thinking in movies, only less about she/her journey in an Indian Society.

Before talking about the book, i just want to tell about the people who do not have knowledge on why rape happens and and who thinks girls (badly dressed or tempting kind) are the reason ,guys are provoked to rape , they should be educated/let know.
But in real it is not the case. Here in India, people are very much confident on what they are doing(bad things or good deeds) nobody cares. And even rape is also taken as the same. Nobody cares. So,,,, a true Indian always thinks to punish as in and not let more rapes to happen in india.

This let everyone about many of the issues in INDIA that our women/woman/girls/kids are facing.... :( . Please READ this book and then you will feel the heat...

jkpanda 9 years, 7 months ago

Meaningful and Moral book

The stories are blend of emotions, and humour that is addressing serious social issues that are plaguing our countries. A book that would lend voices to unheard voices.