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for all beings
Shaupaun Koumar
Type: Print Book
Genre: Politics & Society
Language: English
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Price: ₹303 + shipping
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The themes of Naturocracy could be interesting for a wider audience around the globe; reading it requires no specialised academic background. Not getting attached to anything or anyone is tremendously important in order to find the essence of the book. People who think rationally, conscientiously and who do not want their daily lives to be dictated by others may find it a valuable read.

This book is about the religious brokers who deceive and control people in the name of god. It raises many basic questions about the role of religio-politicians who divide humankind in the name of religion to create disharmony among the peaceful people in a society. Religion is a completely personal affair. Nobody needs any religious traders to know what is right and what is wrong. Each human being can independently understand the language of nature without interpretation from any human languages.

I tried to find out what makes people religious and intolerant. How can people who do not understand what a bee is define its creator? I have always wondered about this. If the creator of this mysterious universe has given any holy book for mankind, then the creator would clarify about the existence of any wrong, fragmentary or contradictory statements in the holy book, but how can preachers clarify and even amend the words of almighty? How did those men get to know the mind of god when they did not know about themselves? There cannot be any greater sinners than those who lie and commit crimes under a religious umbrella. Against the evilness in a society, I proposed to create a nature-inspired political platform for my motherland where the people of all colours and creeds can live together in harmony without imposing one’s religious conviction on others.

Who rules a country is not so important for the ordinary people, but how it is being ruled is of paramount importance. The economic scale, which measures rich and poor countries in the world, is inappropriate to measure the joy and sorrow of our people. Ordinary people from all over the world believe in living in true peace and happiness rather than with material comforts. The more we interfere with nature, the more we will suffer for it. The root of this is the relentless desire for more pleasure and power. We must respect and accept natural laws as we are not above the laws of nature. In nature, there is no rich or poor. People of the financial economy are arbitrarily putting a monetary value on the natural economy which makes the natural economy unsustainable.

Once you have the picture in your mind’s eye, you will easily understand that the greatest damage being done to our planet today is that being done by humans. On no account must we work anymore against nature but together with it.

About the Author

Shaupaun Koumar (Kawsar), an engineer-turned-economist, was born on January 20, 1953 in old Dacca (Dhaka). He had chosen seamanship for his career in 1975 and got a scholarship to study Marine (Industrial) Engineering at the Marine Fisheries Academy in Chittagong, a very intensive academic course, then run by Russian experts. He graduated from the academy in 1977 and immediately got an offer from the Libyan Government Marine Fisheries Corporation to work in Libya. Before going to Libya, he had worked for a very short while at a Japanese Shrimp Research Vessel in Chittagong.

Shaupaun worked in Tripoli and Benghazi in Libya for about three years and then abandoned the sea life; he moved to Brussels in Belgium to earn his Master’s degree in a two-year programme in Industrial Location & Development at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). He earned the degree with a distinction in 1990. In order to enrich his thesis of the programme entitled ‘Economic and Ecological Impact of Tropical Deforestation’, he simultaneously followed another Master’s course in Environmental Science (Human Ecology). He also earned a second Master’s degree in Management Programme from the same university in 1992.

He became so enthusiastic about applied economics that he unprecedentedly enroled (1994) for a four-year course at Vesalius College of the VUB to earn a prestigious Bachelor’s degree from an American style education in Europe. He graduated (1998) from the university with honours in Business Economics and a minor in Computer Information Systems. In fact, he has a hunger for knowledge about different academic disciplines.

He joined a consulting firm in Brussels as a Business Economist in 1998. In course of time, he also specialised in Corporate Tax & Public Accounting, which made him a Certified professional with the Belgium government institution — Institut Professionnel des Comptables et Fiscalistes Agréés (IPCF). Being a registered member of the institute, he has been managing his own corporate consulting firm in Brussels until date.

Extracurricular activity: Shaupaun studied French Language & Literature at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for some non-consecutive years (1985-87). In 1991, he participated in a summer course in the Japanese Management at Sophia University in Tokyo. In 1999, he attended an Economic & Commerce programme for a semester, focusing on business law at the University of Sydney in Australia.

During his school life, he was always enthusiastically involved in cultural and sportive activities. He was such a fan of cricket that he took the game from the capital city into the villages at Dohar in Dhaka South (his maternal home), at a time when cricket was not even played very much in the cities apart from Dhaka of then East Pakistan.

Shaupaun has been living abroad since 1977. He is very keen to know different cultures and people; he has travelled extensively to many parts of the world. In 2006, he created a volunteer organisation ‘PraubashBaungau a.s.b.l.’ based in Brussels.

Mr. Koumar and his wife, Rokshana (Rani), have two sons and a daughter, Aupourbau, Aushim and Shaurnally, and maintain a permanent home in Brussels.

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Number of Pages: 180
Dimensions: 7"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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