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Gods Dictionary

A Complete Analysis Of World's Languages.तुझा देवयोद्यामध्ये परीवर्तनाचा सीधासाधा राजमार्ग
Sunil M Palaskar
Type: Print Book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Education & Language
Language: Marathi
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Price: ₹610 + shipping
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A Guide Book For Your Total Transformation into Maratha Gods & goddesses Warrior
तुझा देवयोद्यामध्ये परीवर्तनाचा सीधासाधा राजमार्ग O!Earth Habitats! Learn Gods’ & goddesses’ own Maratha Language & Grammar. After Learning/ Knowing Gods Own Language, Anyone Can Understand, Any Unknown Foreign Language Of This Universe.So Henceforth No Need to Learn That Perticular Language.After Refering The GodsDictionary No Need To Purchase or Refer Any Other Languages Dictionaries.Books or Borrow Any Transliteration/Transcription Services Any More.Thus Save Your Lot of Money,Energy Headeach & Invaluable Time.Since The GodsDictionary Also Teaches You The Gods/goddesses Own Universal Single & Only One Maratha/Marathi Language, Made For The One Universe.So Just Throw Away All Worlds Danavic Languages Dictionaries Books And All Foreign Languages Learning Books Into DustBin.Do Not Attend Foreign Languages Learning Cources.SINCE NOW GODS/goddesses OWN LANGUAGE HAS NOW ARRIVED FOR OUR ONLY ONE UNIVERSE.The Universe Is One So The Language Is One Accommodating All Worlds Languages All Scripts At The Same Time.THE WORLD IS ALREADY HAVING ONE COMMON GODS MARATHA LANGUAGE PLATFORM.

The Worlds most ancient scripts and Alphabets invented and brought by the God Maratha Warriors from the world of Gods and goddesses to this planet Earth. The incident happens when Dragon ions (mixture of human & Dragon) were ruling on this planet Earth. The dragons were egg layers. Afterwards the dragon ions came. (Some dragon ions were mammals while some were egg layers).
Afterwards the Human beings brought to this planet Earth by the Maratha Warrior Gods. The Maratha warriors were in dragon, dragon ion form in those days and were speaking the Marathi Language in those ancient days. Human and dragon ions and dragons were mating each other.
At the prior stage, the human children and women were brought up by the Dragons and Dragon ion communities.
The Maratha Gods, goddesses, and teleported from heaven to Earth in the shape of invented the first packet of men and women. l., that time every dragon ions shouted .alla, alla. Means O there came the packet of man to earth. Later came women packet in the shape of .i. means. Aai aali. means the mother packet came. Afterwards many men and women packets came.
For the human the process stopped then the dragon ions told to Maratha Gods and goddesses in Marathi. The alphabet .L. pronounce is .Aale. means O Gods and goddesses all the packets of men and women came to the earth successfully.
Later on the alphabets came written on the wings of various insects and the pronunciation of each alphabet made by various accompanying birds to teach the human being the alphabet and its pronunciations by the Almighty Maratha Gods
The processes of arrival of the packets from heaven of different animals and different species are still going on. But the human beings became greedy danav does not notice them.
That is why the Maratha Gods and goddesses do not inform their activities to human. For the Devs and devis who ever became greedy those people automatically become their enemies (danavs).
Since the devs and danavs are born enemies of each others. So due to excessive greediness, the human beings have cut off from God and goddesses and turned themselves into danav. Therefore, the human beings are their enemies due to the same reason The Devs and Devis do not keep inform their activities to human.
In the coming future, please expect a species of intelligent animals looking much similar to human. but they are not humans but they are maratha Devs and Marathi Devis. The Devs & Devis survive only on human flesh (cannibals) shall be coming from heaven to earth, to kill eat and wipe out the greedy human (danav).The first batch of Devs and Devis shall be arriving in Maharashtra very soon.
Only survive those who learn the God Marathi language and speaks devs Marathi (rural Marathi with Urdu blend) on the planet earth.
Those who speaks danav Marathi or Vedic Marathi or punery Marathi or urban Marathi also shall not going to survive on this planet.
Since Maratha God and goddesses are very strict, very ardent followers of Marathi language. The Devs & devis take very serious about which language you speak. If you speak in non-Marathi language with them, than you be sure that you will be definitely targeted & killed and your flesh shall be eaten as their food.
Maratha language uses all languages’ script including Devnagri, Roman, Arabic and Japanese but predominantly it uses Roman Script. The word in any spoken language, first you have to spell it and write-down in Roman Script, but do not pronounce it as per the English taught in English Medium school, but pronounce in different way just like the rural Marathi language and there starts the miracle, the English word start speaking the rural Maratha language. That time one stage you reach if you speak in English language the rural uneducated Maratha person can understand it, Similarly the uneducated Maratha person speak in his own language, the English speaker hears in his own English language. This magic happens for Arabic, European, Japanese and Korean language as well, because as mentioned earlier that all language emerged from the basic Maratha language. That is why god can understand prayers in any world’s languages; God speaks in Maratha language that be understood by any devotee from any languages worldwide. Yes, the Maratha navy was supreme in ancient time. The main base of Maratha navy was at Rome (Mediterranean and Dead Sea) and the sub-based were at Japan, Britain, Indonesia, Gulf of Arabia, Kankan (Maharashtra), therefore the Marathas were rulers on sea and land for centuries together. That is why the Japanese and Korean Arabic, European languages are direct dialects of Maratha language

About the Author

The Author shall teach you the language of Gods and goddesses .The gods language is a magical language.It directly starts working on you inner mind,As soon as you start learning the language, automatically Gods language start our suffering ,the suffering is the only way to clean our dirty mind and soul to get rid of our own past life, un-noticed, excessive greed, related crime that we had committed in past.For that crime the Gods language gives you suffering and punishments, so be brave to accept the suffering and punishments.There by the world shall be liberated from the GREED .Different types of Greeds are our prime enimies, hidden inside us only.Our own greed have made us the slave of the greed.The greed turned us into the demon(danav) or demoness(danavi). The danav and danavi are Gods’ & goddesses’ enemy number-One.So our own ‘greed’ is the main culprit that made us the enemy of our own Gods & goddeses. So by constant effort of learning the Gods own language, we have to liberate ourself from the clutches of the greed.Please detach greed to declare youself fit for the proximity to your own God.So our next promation must be the Gods or goddeses.That GREED made us ‘God/goddess to human’. Detachment of GREED will again make us ‘human to God/goddess’.It is so simple but very difficult to follow.Therefor first detach youself from Greed,than start learning the God language.After learning of Gods own language, the human being one day surely become Gods and goddesses. Than our own earth shall turn into Heaven.The Gods prime enimies are danavs, means the most greedy people.Whose wants are increasing, day by day,even Gods can not fulfill their never ending demands.So Gods kills them, by activating the Gods own Maratha warrior system. Thus save the the earth from the living debris of the danavs & danavis.So other honest and poor people can able to survive on this planet.The Gods language simply can not tolerate the greediness.Due to different types of greediness different types of languages are cropped up on this planet.I beg your pardon that,In past,in ancient history of mankind ,sometime the Maratha Gods and goddesses entruded into your territory to kill those ancient Danavs & danavi,that time the Maratha Gods and goddesses noticed their particular type of greed.Abused those people a lot for their particular type of excessive greedy behavior, in Gods/goddesses own maratha language.Those all abusive collection of words became your so called present days’ mother tounge. The the human speaks numerous language due to their excessive types of greediness their ancestors were having.Now it is your duty to get rid of those excessive greed attached to your particular community /locality /nationality/lingulity.Than only your gods language learning graph shall improve. You are having false proud of your own mother tounge because the particular greed does not allow to leave you,since to be honest you yourself does not want to leave that greed.In past that pericular type of greed gave you the particular type of language.Ultimately that particular type of language have given you the false proud of that language.That false proud of your greedy-language resist you to learn your own very very ancient Gods maratha language. Thats the heartedly accept the above discussion, and forgive me. Please leave the greed and leave your own language’s proudiness,than only the Gods language learning graph shall improve.I am requesting you for the Gods sake,So come back again to your own original marathi mother tounge,adopt the maratha/marathi language and their culture.I know you now does not have greed ,but the ancient danav/danvi had distracted your forefathers/foremothers long back in history, compelled them to adopt the particular danavic-language,later that danavic language has now became your own mother tounge as ancistarial ghosty proprty.Please try to understand and digest the facts.The Danav / danavi does not speak the non-greedy Gods own marathi language.The Author has tried to teach you,your own Gods marathi language, hidden inside every corner of world, you may be staying and whatever may be your so called mother tounge, but from inside you are Maharashtrian, so try to understand our own mother tounge, the marathi and liberate youself from the danvic language, Since our God father was maratha and our god-mather was also marathi,we are all marathi, so why not to speak and learn our own marathi.But remember and beware that the greedy danavs and danavis are non-marathi,they will surely resist you,but ultimately you shall be the winner since our own Gods/goddesses are Maratha,they will surely protect you.Please save yourself and your children from the curse of Maratha warrior Gods/goddesses.Please read carefully the Authors own tale tell in poem-SUNEEL

Book Details

ISBN: 9781477554029
Number of Pages: 526
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Gods Dictionary

Gods Dictionary

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