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A Journey to Joy! With Inspiring Thoughts & Life-Transforming Meditations.
Tarun Cherian & Celia Cherian
Type: Print Book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Price: ₹300 + shipping
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“A GREAT BOOK DURING THESE TRYING TIMES” – says Healer Nandini. And indeed it is... “The perfect book to keep you company in these difficult times when it is so important to not lose sight of the bigger universal plan, to appreciate small everyday miracles, and hold on to your positive energy.” – says Natasha of Natsy by Design fame. And indeed SMILEnces with its puniness, its lightness, {Every one of its 100 mini chaplets begins with a punny neologism} is like a ray of sunshine... But is it just fluff?

FILLED WITH INSPIRATION THAT HAS WORKED FOR MANY: An insightful reader points out SMILEnces is packed with “...very empowering real life stories and anecdotes with helpful solutions that will surely help us in the long run.” SMILEnces has been penned by Spiritual Guides, Master Healers & Aura Seers, Celia & Tarun Cherian. For 25-30 years these spiritualists have illuminated hard choices with aura insight, helped those facing ‘the incurable’, and helped seekers brush the hem of eternity. So in the 100 mini chapters... is the experience of thousands of clients, patients, sufferers, seekers who have TRYumphed over the incurable, impossible, plain ugly... why even gravity, astral dangers, the i-go’s mazes...

ROBUST SPIRITUALITY: What is especially lovely about SMILEnces is how Celia & Tarun approach questions from so many angles... It’s not just auras... but Viral Science here... High Physics there... Aura Mastery... Extreme Psychic Action... And a Great Scoop of Advertising... The Spiritualists who penned it, are not just navel-gazers. They were both in the biggest Global Advertising Networks. Celia's film skills added a smile to Unilever toothpastes. And Tarun's pen & brush added verve to brands like Jockey, Blaupunkt. A line for a coffee brand Cafe Coffee Day "A lot can happen over coffee" is a line that is part of popular Indian culture, close to 2 decades after he penned it. And so the spirituality that leaps off the pages is robust. Works in the real world. And so in a book where the spiritual shimmers over the horizon, one has Product Refund Policies discussed... SMILEnces urges each of us to dream, think, discover their own AnSWEARs...

A JOURNEY TO JOY. As you read on you discover SMILEnces is a journey. It begins with that which drags one down, the munDRAIN, it helps one claim victory in defeat... one climbs to iGOtism, and how to make the Ego – GO! Then Love. Twogetherness... SMILEnces deals with social injustice, climate change in chaplets like planeteary. You keep ascending till we begin AwaACHEning. But even here it is unafraid to look at the spots of an evangleeist or the louses that swarm over someone who has seen the miraculouse.

REVEALS THE ASTOUNDING: The book is a journey... and by its end you encounter jaw-dropping possibilities in sections like Grawitty. Or Joyisness... And yet all presented, simply, truly... Hey you too can cock a snook at gravity, death, dare the kundareini. Each of us can begin to approach SMILEnces... smile so deep nothing can erase it...

THE COMPANION: Says Vasundhara Vee, whom MTv called the Queen of Indian Jazz: “The title held a promise that the rest of the book has kept. It turns us inward in the most joyous way. I love the vivid directions given for each meditation. Each one is a feast to the creative mind and the body that's waiting to be seen and loved from within. I would consider this book a companion. One that I will keep flipping through when I lose touch with the magic of life. When boredom or bitterness might consume me, this book would be a definite life skill giver for me.”

About the Author


Tarun & Celia Cherian are founders of Creator’s Child, a spiritual initiative dedicated to offering the world... a new way at looking at The Divine, The Cosmic. The Divine they point to is both Cosmic & Pragmatic, Transcendent & Engaged in the simple things of life, Lofty & Passionate, Caring, but not just for humans, Embracing & Demanding, Beyond Death & Within Life, Creator of All & Life in Each... They state that each of us, are not slaves of time but are citizens of The Heart of Creation... From this empowering core they offer the world a range of ‘gifts’... Devadhara Healing; God-Deep Aura Healing that helps sufferers fight the Incurable, The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Pathway. And how forget God-deep Aura Sensing, & Plant & Animal Whispering...

Since the late 1980’s, Celia & Tarun have helped soul explorers reach the divine. Since 1995, they have helped sufferers combat difficult illness, even the incurable. They have sensed auras for thousands... And helped a wounded world by sharing visions packed with joys & freedoms Celia, a Film Pro, worked for brands like Close Up & Nescafe. At ad agencies like Lintas, Tara Sinha Mckann Erickson, Saatchis... Animal Whispering, Green Activism, Experimental Cooking are her other passions. Apart from his spiritual avtaar, Tarun is an award-winning poet, up-coming artist. He is also an economist. And a creative director with 18 years experience responsible for such lines like ‘A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee’.

God who has been introduced in a thousand and one ways has this to say: “While you humans emerge from us, are part of the same gestalts that birth all creation, and will return to us... it is difficult for you to conceive of and approach your magnificence... Even to us the furthest mysteries of ourselves are yet being understood... it will seem a cruel cosmic joke, especially when a child dies in your arms through happenstance... and yet you can encounter your true God-being with intense penances... but also by just a smile... a smile that knows its power...

Book Details

ISBN: 9788192311340
Publisher: Creator’s Child Publishing
Number of Pages: 136
Dimensions: 6.00"x9.00"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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