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arjun.rao1 8 years, 2 months ago Verified Buyer


The Presentation is a well narrated murder drama, thats presented through conversations of the characters who decide to relive a case for one of their law school course's case studies. The plot on the whole revolves around a bunch of law students preparing to give a presentation on a case study for one of their classes. The characters analyze the case from their own perspectives, jumping into the shoes of the victims and perpetrators of the case. The narration presents the reader with clues to try and guess what actually happened on the night of the murder, while providing a completely unexpected turn to the picture as the novel progresses. Apologies for not giving away any more details of the plot, go on and read the book to find out more. The reading experience is engaging at every step of the book. The author has managed to keep the reader engrossed throughout the novel, while keeping the language simple enough for the average reader. This novel alludes to the general mentality of students these days when it comes to any assignment, and how students these days are mainly concerned about minimizing effort while maximizing marks they get rather than putting in their best efforts, to actually understand and internalize the material given to them. This novel while on the face value is a fun murder mystery thriller, calls to attention the need to rethink the learning process and how both students and teachers need to shift the focus from mere results to fruitful learning which is the true purpose of education. Kudos to Vikas Rao for presenting this unspoken problem through "The Presentation". This is a story that every student should read and reflect on, to see where exactly we are going with our approach to learning.