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Antara Or 3 months ago

An absorbing, spooky read

"Grey," penned by Vikramaditya Chaudhury, is a superb collection of supernatural, otherworldly tales that will keep you absorbed till the end. Ghost stories being one of my most loved genres, I promptly ordered this book as soon as its arrival was announced. It was a long wait before the book reached me, and once I sank into a chair with it, there was no stopping. Time stood still as I was transported to the different worlds of old world Assam, to cosy, train carriages and old world tea estate bungalows. The old Guwahati came alive as I read, and the twists and turns in the stories thrilled, spooked, and entertained me. My favourites in this collection are: Running on time, Blessings, and Ghorajuli Bungalow No. 9.
I won't say much and give anything away. A must read for supernatural, ghost story enthusiasts. The book is available on Pothi.com.
Congratulations again Vikram da. Proud to have you in the family, and yes, waiting for more.