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Four Letters of Love

Four Letters of Love

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Raju Singh 9 years ago

Heartwarming, Touching & Extremely Creative Narrative!

An amazing piece of writing by an author making his debut. It reaches domains which are hard to reach with such totality that you feel touched and shaken from deep inside.I don't remember reading something like this before which has inspired, motivated and endorsed certain things in life.

The story is told through four letters written by people connected to each other The first one from a soldier in a war zone to his beloved really touches you to the core. The second one from a daughter to her mother delves into an extremely difficult relationship and is a masterpiece in terms of identifying with the emotions and the sensitivity in dealing with something so difficult to deal with. By the time I finished reading the third and the fourth letters( am not telling anything here because it might become a spoiler), I was completely numb, something which I am not accustomed to. Overwhelming in terms of dealing with the emotion of love. Will make you sad but eventually will make you very happy by the time you finish reading it. Truly creative in terms of the narrative

A must read and highly recommended..