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Sharirvigyan darshan~ek adhunik kundalini Tantra(ek Yogi ki Premkatha)

Premyogi vajra
Type: Print Book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: Hindi
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Price: ₹550
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This book is based on a kind of mixed imagery of spiritual-material type. It is based on the physical and spiritual miracles happening every moment in our body. This philosophy describes our body completely according to medical science, giving a touch of spirituality. With this, according to the general public perception, it also makes monotonous medical science child-friendly, simple and interesting. It is capable of satisfying all kinds of spiritual and material curiosities of the readers. It shows the grossness and subtlety of each level existing in the universe as one, i.e. it leads to Dvaitadvaita/Vishishtadvaita. This philosophy is like a novel, in which there are no separate chapters. Premyogi Vajra has not created it based on anyone, but with the inspiration of his knowledge, experience and his inner soul; Although later it itself appeared to be based on the same basic principles on which many earlier works have been built. This philosophy is based on the spiritual principles of Karmayoga, Tantra, Advaita, Dvaitadvaita, Taoism and Non-attachment. Patriotism and nationalism are also full of light in this philosophy. This philosophy was actually developed over the course of about 20 years, by gathering a couple of thoughts and arguments, with which Premyogi Vajra's long and hectic life-experience was also added. This makes this philosophy seem alive and inspiring. Premyogi Vajra, however, created it for his own benefit, as his personal philosophy, although in view of its unprecedented impact, the decision to make it public was taken later. Premyogi Vajra had got into the habit of putting things related to this philosophy in his travel bag, as he felt a divine, progressive and protective power around him. This means that there is a possibility of tantric benefits by always keeping Shivad (Physiology-philosophy) in downloaded-form on e-reading devices. With this philosophy, Premyogi Vajra's long dream of connecting spirituality and materiality is fulfilled. Premyogi Vajra has full faith that freedom from the concept of this philosophy is completely possible in every human condition. The same experience happened to Premyogi Vajra, when after the completion of this philosophy, he himself established himself in a higher level of Kundalini Yoga and after some practice his Kundalini suddenly entered his brain, giving him a momentary samadhi. Experience happened. After his momentary awakening, when the Kundalini of Premyogi Vajra had become dominant in the Ida (emotional) channel, then with the help of this philosophy, Premyogi got it entered into the Pingala Nadi (karmic) and balanced it. This philosophy is beneficial for all; Though more to those related to health and body, related to security, hard working, industrialist, delusional, disciplinarian, materialistic, scientific, troubled people and confused about religion, liberation, humanity, science and career. Premyogi Vajra saw confusion everywhere about Kundalini. Even Premyogi Vajra himself remained in a state of confusion till he could not feel the Kundalini directly and clearly. Therefore, this book is not less than a boon for Kundalini scholars. Originally, Shavid was written in Sanskrit language, but it had to be translated into Hindi due to difficulties in understanding by the common readers and due to non-support of Sanskrit language by the e-publishing companies at present. It is also different from other mythic literature because it is also full of truth along with being a myth, that is, consisting of two expressions at once, very similar to Puranic literature. By reading this, the reader gets most of the information about the body according to physiology; That too in an interesting, progressive and spiritual way. In this book Premyogi Vajra has shed some light on his unique spiritual and tantric experiences as well as his related biography. In this, basic and simple Kundalini Yoga-technique has been described for the curious and beginning seekers also. Subtle light has also been thrown on the basic sexual yoga along with sociality. Premyogi has also very well described his GLIMPSE ENLIGHTENMENT and related circumstances in this. Premyogi has also studied various religions, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, philosophies and other scriptures, in the original language; Therefore, according to the need, some of his thought-points related to Shivad (Physiology Philosophy) have also been included in this book. In the beginning half of the book, the events happening in the body are described in a simple and philosophical way. Premyogi Vajra is a man full of spiritual mysteries. He is ENLIGHTENED and his Kundalini has also been awakened. He has achieved yogic siddhi both naturally and also through artificial method i.e. the practice of Kundalini Yoga. His spiritual experiences have been well penned in the book by the sub-author. For those who want to understand the hidden psychology behind yoga, this book is no less than a boon. The basic theoretical secret of the male-female relationship is also hidden in this book. If one wants to drink Premamrit or love-nector, then there seems to be no better way than this book. in this book, the hidden secrets behind socialism and monoism or non-duality have also been revealed. In fact, this book covers all the areas. If one wants to understand Hinduism deeply, then there seems to be no other book like this e-book. If unfortunately one has troubled family or social life, there is no match for this book for guidance. This book is suitable and beneficial for all categories of people, from ordinary people (even the so-called devout and sadhna-less) to high-class seekers. This e-book thrills even the lovers of the novel. This book should be read in its entirety in the proper order and nothing should be left in the middle, as it is arranged in proper sequence. Once they start reading, the readers never look back until they have read this book in its entirety. Reading this, the readers will definitely feel a positive change in themselves. It seems that the essence and mystery of human life is hidden in this e-book. Hope this book will live up to the expectations of the readers.
Together, there doesn't seem to be a better book than the above "Sharir Vigyan Darshan" book to understand the corona virus pandemic in a scientific, philosophical, spiritual, and interesting way. This book seems to be predicting the corona pandemic.

About the Author

Premyogi Vajra was born in the year 1975 in a small village situated in a beautiful basket valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. He is naturally fond of writing, philosophy, spirituality, yoga, folklore, applied science and tourism. He has also done commendable work in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. He is also fond of polyhouse farming, organic farming, scientific and water-saving irrigation, rainwater harvesting, kitchen gardening, cow rearing, vermicomposting, website development, self-publishing, music (especially flute playing) and singing. He has also written about ten books on almost all these subjects, whose description is available on Amazon Author Central, Author Page, Premyogi Vajra. The description of these books is also available on his personal website He was also a Vedic priest for a short time, performing rituals in people's homes with the help of his Vedic priest grandfather. He has got some advanced spiritual experiences (enlightenment and Kundalini awakening). His autobiography along with his unique experiences has been specially shared in the book "Sharir Vigyan Darshan - Ek adhunik Kundalini Tantra (ek yogi ki premkatha)". This book is the most important and ambitious book of his life. The life philosophy of the most important 25 years of his life is covered in this book. He worked very hard for this book. Also, he got some help from a veterinary graduate for knowledge of technical aspects of physiology. A quality and unbiased review on has reviewed this book as a five star, best, must-read book by all and excellent. This book also got five stars in the review of Google Play Book, and this book was rated as good (cool) and full of quality. Premyogi Vajra is a mysterious person. He is like a polymorph, which has no definite form of its own. Its actual form depends on the shape and type of samadhi he is having in his mind, however it may appear to others as from outside. He is also enlightened, and his Kundalini has also been awakened. He had realized enlightenment naturally / through Premyoga, and Kundalini awakening was realized artificially / through Kundalini yoga. At the time of natural samadhi, he got the help of symbolic and equivocal tantra yoga, while during artificial samadhi he got the help of complete and asymmetrical tantra yoga, mostly from his own efforts.
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ISBN: 9781637544907
Number of Pages: 298
Dimensions: 6.00"x9.00"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Sharirvigyan darshan~ek adhunik kundalini Tantra(ek Yogi ki Premkatha)

Sharirvigyan darshan~ek adhunik kundalini Tantra(ek Yogi ki Premkatha)

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