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Richa Khare 11 years, 3 months ago


Binding of life and its various shades to words so beautiful yet not wrapped in any unreal covers and deep yet so uncomplicated is an art that is possible through the senses and creativity of only God gifted artists."Mayurpankh" is one such collection of art in the shape of poetry that comes across as a soul nourishing experience for its reader.In today's growing easy approach and rule- free attitude the poet has proved that the words of meaning and depth too can be wrapped in melody and discipline of meter.Those who prefer and try to popularize meter-free poetry in the name of freedom of expression will definitely be bound to think that art is free expression but disciplined art has the charm of divinity and wonder of flawlessness."Mayurpankh" is definitely an amazing and rare work of literature that will come as fresh breath of life for people who have hearts that appreciate and celebrate life and thus,art.