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From Aches to Ease

Conquer Pain, Banish Discomfort, Unleash the Soothing Power of Home Remedies
Dr Arundhati G Hoskeri
Type: Print Book
Genre: Medicine & Science, Diet & Health
Language: English
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Welcome to a journey of healing, where ancient wisdom meets modern solutions in "Aches to Ease: Conquer Pain, Banish Discomfort, Unleash the Soothing Power of Home Remedies is the 7th book in the series: Natural Medicine and Alternative Healing
In a world buzzing with quick fixes and temporary relief, this book invites you to explore a holistic treasure trove of remedies that resonate with the rhythm of nature.
Imagine a life where headaches, backaches, and joint pains don't dictate your day but become mere whispers in the background. This book is your passport to that world, where herbal remedies and age-old practices converge to create your well-being. Turn the pages of this book, where the aroma of herbal oils and the gentle touch of yoga mudras await to ease your aches. Explore the soothing magic of breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation, unlocking the secrets of your body's innate ability to heal.
But this isn't just a book; it's an invitation to embrace a holistic approach to pain relief, where each page is a stepping stone towards a healthier, more vibrant you. From the roots of Ayurveda to the mindfulness of yoga, "From Aches to Ease" empowers you with knowledge, offering practical solutions to common ailments.
So, whether you're seeking respite from the clutches of anxiety headaches or looking to free yourself from the chains of joint pain, this book is your compass. Join us on this holistic journey, where the power to heal lies within the synergy of nature and self-awareness.
Are you ready for your transformative journey towards natural pain management? Open the book, inhale the wisdom, and let the healing begin.
"From Aches to Eases" is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking natural approaches to managing pain and promoting overall well-being.

About the Author

Dr Arundhati Govind Hoskeri is a remarkable individual whose passion for learning and educational commitment has defined her illustrious journey. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she has obtained master's degrees in three distinct subjects, a testament to her dedication to intellectual growth. Her academic journey culminated in attaining a Ph.D. in education, reflecting her deep-seated desire to contribute meaningfully to the field.
Throughout her impressive career spanning 37 years, Dr Arundhati has been a trailblazer in education. Her leadership acumen shines through her role as the head of a prestigious IB World School and Cambridge International School for over two decades. This extensive experience underscores her exceptional ability to shape the educational landscape and nurture future generations.
Beyond her role as an educator, Dr Arundhati's versatile talents extend into various domains. She is a gifted educator and a practitioner of natural health sciences, earning the title of a Natural Health Science (NDHS) doctor. Her communication prowess is evident in her ACTL Diploma in Public Speaking from Trinity College of London, which has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in her success as a speaker, educator, and writer.
Dr Arundhati's impact and accomplishments as a poet have garnered recognition on national and international platforms, including countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Her thought-provoking contributions to journalism have graced the pages of esteemed national and international magazines and newspapers, establishing her as a credible voice on various subjects.
As an avid researcher, Dr Arundhati's intellectual curiosity has led to the publication of many research articles in esteemed educational journals and conferences—her ability to combine academia with practical insights positions her as a thought leader in her field.
Her compassion and dedication to holistic well-being are evident in her motivational speaker and healer role, where she uses her expertise to promote alternative medicine and positive transformation. She is a published author writing books on various subjects.
Accolades mark Dr Arundhati's journey & recognition, a testament to her unwavering commitment and exemplary contributions. Her presence as a moderator, keynote speaker, and presenter in national and international seminars has solidified her status as a respected voice in various forums.

Book Details

Publisher: Independent Publisher (Self Publisher)
Number of Pages: 179
Dimensions: 5.50"x8.50"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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From Aches to Ease

From Aches to Ease

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