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Salaat: Brief rulings of Prayer in Shafi Madh’hab (eBook)

(Brief rulings of Prayer in Shafi Madh’hab)
Type: e-book
Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Education & Language
Language: English, Arabic
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Many books about Salaat are available in libraries. What makes this book a special one? This book is characterized by some unique features that may be summarized as follows:
1. Contains authenticated and precise rulings about Salaat.
2. Arabic words related to the topic normally used in the traditional Arabic Fiqh books are given in the beginning of each lesson. By finishing the study of this book, one can understand about 500 Arabic words used in Fiqh books.
3. Objectives of the lesson are provided in the beginning of each lesson.
4. Lesson-related activities are added after each lesson.
5. Compiled based on only the most accepted views of Shafi Madh’hab.
6. Divided into small chapters.
7. Contained almost all the major subjects that come under the topic Salaat.
8. Questions are provided after each lesson.
9. Transliteration and the meaning of Arabic words used in this book are given in the end of the book.
Some of the major subjects of Salaat discussed in this book are as follows:
1. Definitions of some important terms (التعْرِيفَات).
2. Conditions of Salaat (شُرُوط الصلاة).
3. Obligatory elements of Salaat (فُرَوض الصلاة).
4. Recommended actions of Salaat (سُنَن الصلاَة).
5. Disliked actions of Salaat (مَكْرُوهَات الصلاة).
6. Conditions of Wudu (شُرُوط الوُضَوء).
7. Obligatory elements of Wudu (فُرُوض الوُضَوء).
8. Recommended actions of Wudu (سُنَن الوُضَوء).
9. Nullifiers of Wudu (مُبْطِلاَت الوُضُوء).
10. Bathing and Dry ablution (التَيَمُّم والغُسل).
11. Purity and Impurity (الطَهَارَة والنَجَس).
12. Toilet Manners (آدَاب الخَلاء).
13. Prostration for Recitation, Thanksgiving and Forgetting (سُجود التلاوة والشكر والسهو).
14. Sunnah Prayers (الصلوات المسنونة).
15. Jumu’ah /Friday prayer (صَلاة الجُمُعَة).
16. Jam’ and Qasr (الجمع والقصر).
17. Janaza Prayer (صَلاَة الجَنَازَة).

About the Author

Abdul Shaheed Azhary is graduate from Al Azhar University, Ciaro. He has authored a couple of books on Islamic topics. He has been teaching Islamic and Arabic language subjects to students and adults for the last 15 years.
He has studied the Arabic language, Quran, Hadees, Fiqh, Aqeeda, and other branches of knowledge from the Madrassas and Colleges in Kerala, India. He completed his higher studies at Al Azhar University in Egypt. He has also graduated with a BA from Calicut University and an MBA from Annamalai University.
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Book Details

Publisher: PBM
Number of Pages: 270
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Salaat: Brief rulings of Prayer in Shafi Madh’hab

Salaat: Brief rulings of Prayer in Shafi Madh’hab

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