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Natural Ways Treatment of Joint pains & Other Diseases (eBook)

Joint pain & other diseases
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Natural treatment of joint pain and other ailments.

We all know that everyone is healthy and happy when we are born, but with time our healthy and happy, due to our wrong habits and thoughts, we remain unhappy and sick. Disease does not come from outside, it arises in the body due to our habits and thoughts. Until we learn to help ourselves, our self-respect, and love ourselves, you cannot achieve health and happiness. That's why you have to live life according to the natural laws. If you stay with allopathic, it means that you have violated the natural laws, then you can not get completely healthy and long life. Natural is a divine structure, its violation is an insult to God.

Natural treatment of joint pain and other diseases is based on the fundamental laws of nature i.e. God. If natural law is violated then you will suffer.

If you want all kinds of happiness in your life, then you will be close to nature. Otherwise you will suffer from various diseases and hard earned money will be spent on treatment.
Medical treatment is a slow dying process. The doctor has given the treatment of a particular disease, due to its side effects, a new disease arises when the time comes.

In the end the patient will die after suffering from pain and spending his hard earned money.
Please always keep in mind the below given Sant Kabir Das poem and work and take care of your body on daily basis.

Jhinni Jhini Beani Chadariya
What kind of tension, why?
Kaun Tar Se Bini Chadriya

ida pingala taunting,
Sukhman wire beani chadriya

Eight Kanwal Dal Charkha Dolai,
five elements guna three chadriya

Saan to Siat month took ten years,
Thok Thok Cabini Chadariya

So chadar sur male sage odhi,
Odhi kai maili kini chadriya

Das Kabir saves his clothes,
Just like Din Chadriya

About the Author

I am Bhagwan Sahai Singhal a yoga teacher and expert. I have done my graduation from engineering college kota. I am currently working as Chief Engineer in North Western Railway Jaipur Rajasthan. Having worked in Railways for more than 32 years in different parts of India, I have been associated with Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy for the last 15 years and have not suffered any diseases till date. In the working life of 58 years I have met millions of people, most of the people are stressed all the time due to different reasons, I have written many articles about God. After realizing that stress cannot be avoided, but it can be controlled by doing yoga daily.

I have met Lord Krishna, you can read this real story of my life as follows:

Conversation Experience and Interview with Lord Krishna

When I was posted as Chief Engineer/Construction in Guwahati. Then Shri Ramsamujh Deputy Chief Engineer/Construction/Malda was working under me, all the construction works in his jurisdiction were stopped due to non-allocation of funds. So I told him that I have to have darshan of Lord Krishna at Mayapur, between Malda and Kolkata. So I will come tomorrow night and drive to Mayapur by road in the morning itself. Then Mr. Ramsamujh said that it will take 14 to 15 hours to travel by road, due to which you may miss your return train also and you will get a lot of trouble and fatigue. So let's do it by rail from Malda and then from the nearest station you will visit the temple in my car and return by road.

In this way he sent his car to Rampur Haat station which is near to Mayapur temple. Thus we were walking from Malda Rest House at 8 in the morning to catch the train from the railway station. So in the middle of the way, 7 to 8 children of 8 to 12 years were sitting where the station's filth was lying. One of the children said where Meena Sahab is going, so we did not pay any attention to him. We assumed that he must have been talking to others. Because my second trip was in Malda. Because of this no one knew me there. In this way, we did not pay any attention to that voice and the further journey was decided by train.

After that we reached Mayapur by road from Rampur Haat at 12 o'clock in the day, then came to know that the doors of Lord Krishna temple have been closed and the doors will open after 5 o'clock in the evening, then Ramsamuj said that now you will have darshan then you will not train. You will catch and your coach will leave at 9 pm by Saraighat Express.

Then we noticed that child's voice that where "Meena Saheb" is going, then it came to know that Lord Krishna was present in Malda only when the journey started. The word of God meant that you will go to Mayapur and come back without seeing. When I was told that there was no one except the three of us at that time. But God put a veil in our intellect that that child is talking to someone else, due to which we could not pay attention, that is, our work was not such that we can directly see and talk to God.

In this way we came back without seeing. So this story proves that God meets every day in our life in some form or the other but we do not recognize him because of the illusion of our past karma and this life's karma.
Regarding the above incident, Kabir Das ji has told God to be around man, but due to ignorance we keep searching the wrong place.
The couplets of Kabir Das ji are as follows:

Where are you looking for opportunities, man, I am near you
Neither in a shrine nor in an idol nor in a solitary abode
Neither in temple nor in mosque nor in Kashi Kailash
Where are you looking for opportunities, man, I am near you.

I am neither in chanting nor in penance nor in fasting
Neither do I live in rituals nor do yoga sannyas
Where are you looking for opportunities, man, I am near you.

Neither in life nor in body nor in the universe in the sky
In the breath of all the breaths in the cave
Where are you looking for opportunities, man, I am near you.

If you are searching, you will find it immediately, you are in search of a moment
Where is Kabir listen brother, sadho, I am in faith
Where are you looking for opportunities, man, I am near you.
, Long live Shri Krishna !!

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Natural Ways Treatment of Joint pains & Other Diseases

Natural Ways Treatment of Joint pains & Other Diseases

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B S Meena 1 year, 6 months ago

It is a wonderful book and every body should ready & adopted in his daily routine.

Health and happiness are your birth right! Claim them!” thundered the “Lion of Modern Yoga” Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj. “You are born to be healthy and happy. But, the goal of life is moksha freedom!” We live in “topsy-turvy times”, when ancient values have been flipped onto their heads. One rarely meets a truly healthy or happy person. In fact, for the vast majority of the human race, health and happiness are distant dreams. Illness, depression, conflict, sorrow, stress, tension and frustration are the “birthright” even of young children in modern times. Billions of dollars are expended by the health industry. Medical science can put pig valves into human hearts and transplant vital organs. Super specialty hospitals abound. The pharmaceutical industry produces a huge amount of life-saving drugs. Why, then, is a truly healthy, happy person such a rarity?

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