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Is There Any Chance For The Human World To Look Like This? (eBook)

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Genre: Social Science, Politics & Society
Language: English
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All my observations about this world pointed out two points which made me think a lot and wondered about human nature. The first point is we are very very very scared to change any traditions or culture even though they are hurting us as humans. You didn't understand what I was saying? Here I will give some examples, dowry is one example I can give you. Even though it hurts 50% of the population who are women, it is practiced widely and still practiced widely. Gender discrimination is still practiced country wide, again it hurts 50% of the population. Heinous tradition like Sati was followed for many centuries so I think I gave the gist of my point. Not only social issues but the way of life we opt for also baffles me. The thought of why we cannot fix anything on a basic level, the reasons behind why we cannot fix anything for us always made me think about society and human nature consistently and invariably.

The second point is humans are drawn towards division, violence and destruction rather than construction and peace even though they pay the price for their behavior. I grew up with all these never ending thinking about human nature and the way they handle all the important relationships in their life. Always thought that there is a lot of scope for better relationships and a better way of life which suits all humans, if people understand and acknowledge the reality of life.

As humans we need food, clothing, shelter, relationships, education, health care, jobs, old-age pension plan , transportation, and waste management. All we need is these ten things, most of them can be arranged by ourselves. We need administration by the government for a few things on the list. If this administration is done by capable people, I believe these ten fields will produce at least 60% of jobs required. So, the first and foremost thing on the minds of Common people should be how to achieve all these ten fields even if it needs to be done through working alongside the government. Instead we are building a society or even country which is promoting gender inequality, color discrimination, financial insecurities, corruption, economic crimes. All these issues definitely make everybody's Life very problematic in nature. In simple words these problems make our world a living hell. Present health care is evidence for that.. I believe smart thinking solves a lot of problems we are facing as common people of the country. All My writings mostly will be how will our world look if we solve our problems smartly and according to human nature. Hope people like and enjoy reading them.

About the Author

About me. I am Mahathi and my husband is Venkat Murarishetti. He works as a Software engineer and We have a beautiful daughter . I educated myself through particular diplomas according to my interests. I am putting all my diplomas on my web page. I do read a lot of psychology articles, books because human nature fascinates me. one thing that always always attracted me is human nature. I was always agitated about why people can’t change according to their life. Psychology helped me understand the reasons behind human nature. It taught me how important basic needs and all kinds of resources are in everyone's life, how experiences thrown at them by their life shapes up their belief system. More importantly, how much parents influence their kids with their personalities and gene pool. Once I understood those basic facts about human nature, I stopped questioning why our system works the way it works. What my observations told me in general terms is, how much ever people wanted to look like everyone else they know, how much ever they want to run behind the money, status, assets, property and other people's respect, recognition etc etc but we are all very very different in every terms possible from looks to our emotions to our talents to our requirements. However our basic needs are the same. This point looks like politicians forget once they get elected but my writings are not about them. Coming to the point, human nature always fascinated me.

My life took us to live in western country after marriage. This whole change has given me an opportunity to check out societies through western perspective also. As usual me being me, my thinking and my observations took me to a new level and put me in a different perspective. After living in both societies which actually have opposite ideals for humans because one society encourages people to individual choice and freedom of thinking and one society encourages for interdependence and codependency to follow, one thing most startled me is whatever society we follow, we are humans and our emotions rule us, our insecurities bother us, our talents console us, our desires keeps us in high spirits.

After becoming global citizens I understood the fact that humans are the same everywhere. We are all struggling to build better societies. Which in turn allows us to live a meaningful life. We are all trying to fix our lives, relationships, ourselves, our societies, our needs, our requirements and our beliefs. Why can't we do it faster and faster is a question always on my mind and for that answer is the common people's understanding of many things, money, politics, business and employers all play a big role.

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Publisher: Mahathi Murarishetti
Number of Pages: 150
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)

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Is There Any Chance For The Human World To Look Like This?

Is There Any Chance For The Human World To Look Like This?

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