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KARMA Dynamics of Life

Dynamics of Success
Mahendra D Raajul
Type: Print Book
Genre: Self-Improvement, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Price: ₹475
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Although it is just a book, but can change your life. Life is a combination of happiness and sorrow. Thousands of questions arise in the mind when sorrows exceed the patience level; you too may have such questions in your mind. Undoubtedly, this book will answer such questions and guide you to achieve materialistic success through the Karma path while being on the Dharma path.
• Why are some children born into rich families, some into poor families, and some parents do not have children at all?
• Some children die soon after birth, some die in the womb itself, and even some children die even after the parents spend lakhs of
rupees in the hospital.
• Why do some qualified people stumble throughout the lives and some unqualified people reach the heights of success while
someone commits suicide by drowning in debt?
• Why does someone win millions of rupees in the lottery and other lakhs of ticket buyers remain empty-handed when everyone did
the same work?
• Why do some dogs lead a better life than a normal human being and some wander the streets all their lives?
• Why, facing the same accident, do some people or families die on the spot while others don't even get scratched?

*Who created all the above circumstances for the sufferer? The events and circumstances of life are the definite and combined result of 3 Karmas; destined, ancestral & present karma, nothing more or less. but 2 forms of karmas are extreme suffering to the human being (Contd).

*The principle of karma is bound to return the fruits of all those physical-spiritual actions, deeds, thoughts, and desires, in this life or in the next life, that a human being produces every moment from birth to death through the senses, organs, attachment, unconsciousness, and mind. Acts with the cooperation of conscience and emotion. Actions are bound by the subtle recognition of doership in action. When one acts and believes “I am doing”, the ego arises. Whereas man is a thinking being whose nerves are controlled by the brain, the brain is controlled by knowledge, knowledge is controlled by intelligence, and intelligence is controlled by consciousness, which is "I." But there is something hidden inside the "Me", which is the true and pure form of consciousness (Contd).

*Generally, when a person is deliberating on karma, he mainly feels the fate and present karma, while he is also carrying a heavy burden of the deeds of his ancestors. Just as the children are inherited for the wealth, relationships, and blood-DNA of the ancestors, similarly, the fruits and defects of the ancestors' deeds are also inherited. Karmic relationship is the reunion of souls, who are born again and again to settle the many merits and demerits, unresolved, incomplete accounts against each other from previous lives. (Contd)

*By establishing himself as neutral and formless, God has given birth to a human being in the form of shape, side, intelligence, strength, emotion, and needs, as the pride of the creator of a subtle soul. God has made man responsible for his actions and reactions. God is not responsible for his actions, only for their consequences. (Contd)

*Humans are practically at a standstill without action in life. But if he makes an effort or takes action, then he is always in motion; even if he is going in the wrong direction too, he will probably return to the right path again. Remember that no matter how big or small one's mistakes are, in the end, one learns from them. When one learns from mistakes and adjusts one's way of doing things accordingly, one is always bound to make progress. The person who keeps trying continuously avoids the sense of helplessness that they may experience in challenging situations. Whether the person is action-oriented or not, he should give up the stagnant state of laziness in life and keep on working (Contd).

About the Author

An extremely talented and versatile person, full of energy, who can not be limited to any single personality or profession. He is a spiritualist, motivational speaker, karma scholar, guru, guide, religious, socialist, author, media professional, family man, friend... for so many people, there are so many forms. His full name is Shri Mahndra Dayaram Raajul; he founded Sattvpindi Seva and is also known by the alias Sattvpindi Guruji (Bhaiyaaji) 
A media professional and a businessman who turned spiritualist coincidentally. However, there is no coincidence in the universe, which he realized in the later part of his studies and self-realization; everything is predestined. Some occurrences compelled him to forego his comfortable life and seek the answers of many mistaries, such as:
• What is life and its purpose?
• If God is one, why did he create souls in various forms?
• Why aren't everyone's happiness-sorrow, life-death, love-hate, and poverty equal throughout the world?
• Why is there discrimination, and for what reasons? Can a father show his child favoritism?
He spent time with spiritual scholars and obtained their blessings while living in Haridwar, Kashi, and Mathura in the company of numerous saints and ascetics in search of the answers to these concerns. He remained in places of worship and institutions and studied texts from the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, the Garuda Purana, and other religious, spiritual, and philosophical texts. The answers to the mistaries were discovered automatically after more than nine years of sacrifice, meditation, wisdom, research, hard work, and the companionship of learned sages. However, in order to do this, a certain amount of disconnection from business, industry, and social relations was generated unexpectedly. 
Now! Thousands of lives are being transformed through his motivational speeches and advice based on KARMA and DHARMA. His specific thoughts on Karma (Prarabdha, ancestral, and present) have touched the lives of thousands of people nationwide through his transformational speech, guidance, and book. He has an intense knowledge of ancestral karma, which is relevant to contemporary mythology and scriptures. Furthermore, he and other experts have created the "Sattvpindi Yantra," which is based on the Satpindas Tarpan mentioned in the Garuda Purana. Sattvpindi Yantra is another name for Pitrudosh Yantra, which is very well known. His approach does not diminish anyone's religion or belief, but understanding and accepting the truth of life definitely provides methods to make the future happy and successful.
He wishes that humans should be duty-oriented in the present so that they can enjoy their destiny in the present material world and get rid of the knots of karma even while doing new deeds. Remain free from bondage, attain the opulence and happiness earned by balancing self-knowledge and material knowledge on the path of Karma Yoga, and fulfill the purpose of this life attained in the human form.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781637548165
Number of Pages: 249
Dimensions: 5.50"x8.50"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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KARMA Dynamics of Life

KARMA Dynamics of Life

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