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Human Types

A Fourth Way Approach to understand oneself and others
Mohan Vaishnav
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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This book is an endeavor to synthesize the Fourth Way ideas of Body-Type and Center of Gravity, the Ayurvedic idea of Health-Prakriti and the Indian astrological ideas, and then it is connected with the organic whole according to its exact place and significance in that organic whole.

Body-Type signifies person’s basic inherent nature, for example, one person is naturally inclined towards fine arts since his childhood, another person has no interest in it, but is a natural fighter, and still another is naturally inclined for helping others. One person has a natural ability to communicate well, another is not so, but has natural ability for doing business well. Planetary influences constitute the Body-Type.

This book differs from the rest of the books on the same subject in the fact that generally the other books study the characteristics of various Body-Types (Essence-Types), whereas, apart from that, this book also unfolds how exactly the working of the law of three forms various Body-Types. And in knowing this exact process of formation of various Body-Types lies the key for overcoming the limitations of one's own Body-Type, and for acquiring the strengths of other Body-Types. This eventually results into the work on the growth of Essence.

The step by step study of: (1) the intrinsic nature of the Inner Three Forces (Sattv, Rajas and Tamas), (2) what it means that a particular inner force (Sattv, Rajas or Tamas) is occupying the specific place (1st place, 2nd place or the 3rd place) in the Triad, (3) the study of operation and intricacy of each of the Six Triads (Processes) separately, and (4) how the Six Triads (Processes) is the key factor in forming the basic constitution of the Body-Types – all these together, is a breakthrough, a kind of code creaking thing in understanding and overcoming the limitations of one’s Body-Type and developing in oneself the strengths of other Body-Types.

Mind-Type (Center of Gravity) signifies person’s natural outlook towards the world, for example, for one person ideas are most important, for another inter personal relationships are most important, for another the pleasure of movement is more important, and for still another the sensual pleasure and physical comfort is more important. Certain people naturally have controlled attention, certain have fascinated attention, and certain have wavering attention.

The study of Human Types from this angle not only help one to understand and deal with oneself and others well, but also helps and provides a direction for the spiritual evolution on a right basis.

About the Author

Mohan Vaishnav is an author and corporate law professional based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is a commerce graduate and an associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He is having his office as a Practicing Company Secretary in Ahmedabad since 1997. During the initial years, along with his practice in corporate laws, he developed a software package for computation of financial and tax related projected workings, which many Corporates and Chartered Accountants had bought that time.

Since early college days he developed an inclination to read autobiographies of remarkable people. After occurrence, in March, 1997, of a life changing experience, which has been narrated in his book “An Organic Whole of All & Everything”, he started taking the spiritual Work on himself seriously and earnestly.

In October, 2013 his first book, “All & Everything in Diagrams” was published by Narrow Gate Press, London MMXIII, 7, Riverside Drive, Richmond TW10 7QA, England. Then he wrote his second book “Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained” in July, 2014. So far he has authored following books:

(1) All & Everything in Diagrams
(2) Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained
(3) An Organic Whole of All & Everything
(4) Consciousness and Transforming Suffering
(5) Theory of Everything
(6) Human Types
(7) Awakening, Dying and Re-birth

By synthesizing the ancient Vedantic knowledge with the findings of the modern sciences, his book, ‘Theory of Everything’ presents a simple approach to understand the Universe and its workings, containing therein research work in Theoretical Physics, Mathematical aspects related with higher dimensions of Time and Space, various grades of Times (that is, time within time); and it also unfolds an idea how various sciences are placed in a connected way in the entire scheme of the whole.

His book, ‘An Organic Whole of All & Everything’ has been translated and published in Italian. And his book ‘Consciousness and Transforming Suffering’ has been translated and published in Italian and Gujarati.

Book Details

Publisher: 5th Dimension Publications
Number of Pages: 115
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Interior Pages: B&W
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Availability: In Stock (Print on Demand)

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Human Types

Human Types

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